Sunday, June 18, 2017

Prayer circle (with free pattern)...

Have you ever wondered what it must have been like for the disciples to pray with Jesus?

I am often envious of the years they walked with Him, talked with Him, prayed with Him, ministered with Him, studied at His feet, ate and laughed and cried with Him.

More times than I can count my heart has yearned to be there, one of His specially chosen group from all walks of life, sinners all, forgiven all, students of the Master each and every one of them. 

At the moment I'm in a season of questioning God about what has been, what is, and what will lie ahead. Without sharing actual personal challenges I will say that much of this season contains grief, regret, confusion and trepidation...and as I lay awake night after night talking to Jesus I ache to have Him there with me, face to face, so I can gather more strength, more courage and renewed hope.

I want to wrap my arms around Him like a child and have Him comfort, correct and heal...quite simply, I want the time with Him that they, his disciples, had. 

Early this morning my husband and I, feeling that the weight of life had become more wearisome than before, went and sat at the beach watching the tide go out and soaking in the quiet beauty of God's handiwork around us. In that stillness, emotions raw and open to Jesus, this Scripture came to rest on my heart...

"For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them."
(Matthew 18:20)

There under the trees beside the beach, Jesus was with us, in our midst, right beside us, part of our conversation, thoughts and prayers.

My ears may not have heard His voice, not the way the disciples had, but my heart heard and my spirit encountered Him. I knew He'd been there from the start and felt every sorrow, heard every request and understood all our confusion. 
He filled us with perfect peace to keep going, speaking 'patience' while He worked out the plans that were written for our lives before we were born. 

I'm not envious of the disciples anymore. Their paths in life were brave, fraught with trials and persecution far beyond what I experience. 

But I do rejoice in what I share with those men - relationship with a Saviour who is always there, who never changes, always listens, and answers at the perfect time in the perfect way.

The 'prayer circle' pattern is my free gift to you.
May it be a reminder that He's inside your prayer circle too, praying to the Father on your behalf.
No greater prayer can we ask for.

Your sister in Christ,


  1. This post speaks to my heart. I am so glad you and your husband were able to share such a special moment together. God bless you and keep you both.

  2. And He left that His Spirit might come that His own may never be alone! I'm not one that ever got into that "name it/claim it" trend, years ago, but this I KNOW...even when I don't 'feel' His nearness, He IS with me.....this I KNOW. Similar moments assail here, too. Great peace is known in those "In the Garden" times of fellowship. Blessings and hugs................

  3. One of my very favorite verses. You're not alone. Be at peace.

  4. Thank you for your lovely free pattern! Time alone with Jesus fills our heart with comfort and rest again. I so understand your sharing on your blog today - and will help pray :)!

  5. Thank you Jenny! It is Father's Day here in the US. I am reminded that our Heavenly Father says we can call him Abba . . . Daddy!

  6. What a beautiful post Jenny. A beautiful gift too. Thank you.

    Sometimes it all gets too much. It's been a terrible month in the UK & you wonder what it's all about. You just have to keep faith & keep going.

    God Bless

  7. Thank you, Jenny. I'm so glad you two had his healing presence with you. He is also with the one, and that brings peace to me in trials and affliction.

  8. Thank you, Jenny, for the Prayer Circle pattern. It is lovely as you are. May God bless you and Mr. E. and give you peace.

  9. This is a little awkward, since you don't know me, but I've been reading your blog for a while and I think God gave me a picture for you. The image is of you holding a beautiful necklace - a ruby in a gold setting in a gold chain. You're admiring it and dancing with it and enjoying its beauty, but you haven't put it on. When you do put it on, it will light up and be very powerful, but you haven't done that yet. I think it is about something related to God - there's some element of His power and your gifting that you have to activate - but I could be wrong about that.

    And, as always, I could be way off-base. You'll pray and see what He says. Either way, may He bless and keep you.

  10. Gracias Jenny!!! Qué cosa tan bella!

  11. Thank you, Caitlyn...I'm going to pray about this and see what the Lord has to show and teach me. xxx

  12. Thank you, Jenny, for the beautiful post and pattern. I am praying for you and Mr. E as you go and grow through this season in your life.

  13. Thank you Jenny very much for all the beautiful designs you generously share. May the Lord bless you and yours. Sending you all the Christian love and hugs I can from across the pond.


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