Saturday, July 22, 2017

Jane Austen and wise words...

In keeping with my plan to include one 'quote' pattern in every new issue of the Stitchery Club I chose to embellish a soft country garden scene around Jane Austen's wise words in an August design...

Are you an Austen reader?
Blossom and I are ardently Austen girls...

Persuasion is my favourite of her novels and has been re-read a few times but I am yet to read Northanger Abbey, though Blossom informs me she has read that particular novel three times so I'd best pull my vintage leatherbound tome off the shelf and acquaint myself with it!
After all, the novels are always better then the movie and I've seen that five times.

I've read Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Persuasion and Emma...loved them all.
Mansfield Park has not enticed me yet (watched the movie and wasn't really hankering to read the book afterwards) but it will be read eventually just so I can give it an honest appraisal.

The quote I've chosen for my stitchery is a good one don't you think, one to make you ponder your own character. It certainly has me pondering mine.

(you'll find it in Sense and Sensibility)

This pattern and a few others will be inside the August issue of The Stitchery Club. 

Now that I have my breadmachine right near the kitchen and not hidden away in a dark corner under the sink (our kitchen is small with not much space to have appliances out) I've been veering from my favourite doughs of times past and playing around with new ones, especially those in Paul Hollywood's books.

I tend to use the breadmachine for kneading the dough and the first rise, but then prefer to punch out the dough and place in a tin for the second rise...

...before baking in the oven.
This loaf is called the "Bloomer" and was excellent!

This week I've also made foccacia, hummingbird cake, risotto and spiced apple gingerbread, and had the joy of serving a tasting of each to our lovely guests, Janice and Mick, who are on a bike trip around Australia and stopped to stay the night with Mr E and I on Thursday before hitting the highway again...

Janice and I met through blogging in 2008 but this was our first face to face meeting. 
The men talked motorbikes and we chatted about sewing, vintage things, homemaking and life.
It was a lovely evening and we hope one day to travel down to Bathurst and visit them too.

Janice had made me a lovely gift parcel, such pretty things...

...and I especially loved the gift tag. 
Isn't this enchanting?! I have it hanging in my sewing room as a reminder of our meeting. 
Janice's tag has inspired me to make my own gift tags in future (thank you Janice).

It's been quite a big week and I'm a bit depleted physically but that's given me a nice excuse to potter quietly in the sewing room over the weekend, watch a movie or two with Mr E, and perhaps start reading Northanger Abbey at last.

Oh, and as I've given the rest of the foccacia and hummingbird cake to Blossom and Ross I should probably do a spot of baking for Mr E's work lunches next week.

What are you creating this weekend?
I do hope it puts a smile on your heart...



  1. Hi Jenny so pleased to see that you finally met Janice and Mick they are gorgeous people and its so nice to hear that you all had a wonderful time together,love your stitchery my friend,hope you have a lovely weekend xx

  2. Your bread looks delicious. I use our bread machine the same way.

  3. g'day!
    i just caught up with all the posts i'd missed, love the new recipes idea, what ever happened to the recipe blog you were doing?
    thanx for all the new patterns too
    hope Cully May is much better now too; i grew up with all the child hood illnesses (except the worse ones of cos) we took them in our stride back then

    thanx for sharing

  4. Selina, it was too time consuming to keep both blogs so now everything is on here. :-)

  5. I am an Austen fan, too. Wasn't always, but since reading Peter Leithart's study guide, I understand a lot that I didn't catch before. And I love the stitchery. I've been designing some stitcheries with quotes, too, as I love me a good quote. :)

  6. Oh I love Jane Austen too, I'm reading Wuthering Heights though atm, or should I say rereading it, as I did it at Uni.
    I've downloaded a free app on my iPad and it has all the classics on it. So I can curl up with my dog and a warm blanket and read as much as I want. Love to you dear Jenny and Blossom and Mr E and Cully and everyone.

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  8. Oh, definitely read Mansfield Park! The movie doesn't at all capture the essence of the book. The creators of the movie just couldn't understand the appeal of a sweet, humble Christian girl like Fanny over a woman of the world like Mary Crawford, or see any problem with the girls acting immoral characters in the play, or see that Maria's conduct was wrong, or find anything to be admired in Edmund's having chosen the Church out of desire to serve God and others rather than choosing a profession that would bring more money, wealth and fame. The movie strips the book of its power, I think, and while it is my favorite book (Persuasion is my second favorite!), it is one of my least favorite movies. I hope you'll read it!!

  9. This is a wonderful stitchery. I am a huge fan of Jane Austen and even did my dissertation on her at University. My favourite book is Persuasion, then Sense and Sensibility, I am not keen on Mansfield Park at all. x

  10. Today's stitchery is beautiful. 🌺 We are in the high 90's and have had flooding rains in northern Illinois, so turning on the oven is not in the forecast--but your bread looks yummy!

  11. Yes I like this quote, I should think this way more. I especially like your gift of the gift tag. I'm thinking of Christmas on this. . I haven't read any Jane Austen, I think I might go to the library and see what they may have. Hopefully one of the ones you mentioned that you read so many times. I seem to be talking in circles today.
    Blessings to you and y ours.

  12. I'm working to create some peace. =) What a bike arrangement that is! I imagine the wind could become tiresome, but I know I'd never get tired of the traveling and seeing! I think the little kangaroo is so cute! I hope he's fastened in well! What a lovely visit you must have had. I do like the Austen books. I'm not quite as big a fan as you or my son, but I have read most of them and enjoyed them. Regan likes Pride and Prejudice the best.

    Mayhap the book for Mansfield Park is better than the movie? I don't think I've read that one, nor Lady Susan, so I just reserved the Austen omnibus at the library that has all seven and I will revisit them, thanks to you.

    But I'm not baking any bread or even cookies in our current temperatures. =)

  13. Beautiful quote Jenny - Miss H is an Austin fan - bit time! She loves North hanger Abbey.

  14. Another beautiful design and I really love that quote. I haven't ever read Jane Austen's books but have seen a couple of films. Those gifts from Janice are lovely and I love that gift tag. I am often tempted to get out all my scrapbooking things to make cards etc but I will need to move so many things in my sewing room to access them. Your August stitcheries are delightful as always. Mmmm I can imagine the aroma of fresh bread wafting through your home. I hope you are having a relaxing weekend.

  15. I am saddened to admit I have never read Jane Austen...I suppose it isn't too late. Love this quote stitchery and how fun to receive one each Club Month. I also must admit I don't bake bread however your looks delicious. How wonderful to meet blog friends in person and share common interests. Love the Tag too. Happy Homemaking Jenny Dear...<3

  16. I still love Pride & Prejudice & Emma. Not so keen on Northanegr Abbey, we did it for GCE so maybe that put me off. I did read it later but still didn't like it much.

    The best version of Pride & Prejudice was the BBC one way back. I bought it on Blu Ray & it is still wonderful, much better than any later versions. May have been that scene where Colin Firth went for a dip!

  17. It was so very nice to spend time with you both. As you say we all had so much in common. Your little gift tag was the first I have made like that, as I've never made many cards or done any scrap booking. It was fun and I think there will be more in the pipeline. Maximum effect for minimum effort - my style if crafting. I enjoy Jane Austen books, having studied Emma and Pride and Prejudice in high school. I've read more over the years, but can't remember too much about them off the top of my head. We saw her grave in Winchester Cathedral last time we were in the UK. Apparently there were only a handful at her funeral and it had to be finished before the usual service. They wondered why people came to visit her grave and eventually added a nice plaque.


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