Sunday, August 6, 2017

In the moment...

Today practice being here in the moment, not running ahead, nor overloading your day beyond what it can hold.
Be completely where you are and leave tomorrow for another day.

Breathe deep, give thanks for what you have today, and rest in this moment for it is indeed by the grace of God that you have it. 

A lesson about attitude and what's important, a beautiful lesson for you and I about knowing and trusting that each day has enough and letting tomorrow come when it will...

Thank you Jesus for Your life lessons which bring us peace and rest.

Your sister in Christ,


  1. Gratitude is a lost discipline it seems. I'm currently learning it right back into my life....

  2. Jenny, I was reading today how you dreamed Elefantz. That was certainly God given. I had a friend, only had because he's in heaven now, who dreamed of his first granddaughter. He knew that it was his daughter's child because she looked Oriental. His daughter's husband is half Japanese. His daughter-in-law kept asking him to tell her if she was going to have a baby and what. He kept telling her that he couldn't tell her because God hadn't shown him. He was exactly correct. She is beautiful, smart, and courteous - a daughter of God for sure.

    When my daughter was young, my son who was two called her Jamie Elephant instead of Jamie Alison - elephant was a word he knew.

  3. Ah I should have read this earlier. I have been attempting to sew a dress for the baby that is due in 8 weeks or so. i have used a different fabric to the Tilda fabric I have bought.

    Now for an elephant story from my family. One of my cousins used to say this, " I can't say elephant so I say embop."

    God bless you as you take time to rest.

  4. So lovely! You post are always timely. Big hugs!

  5. This is beautiful! Thanks Jenny.

  6. I really love all of your Designs. They're so delicate and signed up for the monthly Stitches newsletter.

  7. I am always in the moment when I visit with you Jenny Dear. You bring a calm to my mostly crazy life. Thank you and Blessings Sweet Jenny. xo


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