Saturday, September 2, 2017

New season, new seeds, new project...

When we drive around to visit garage sales at the weekend I always look for picture frames, just in case I find a few that will be perfect for framing my stitcheries.

Recently I found a white shabby chic styled triple frame at one garage sale, and the following week a very similar single frame at another sale.

That's when I decided it was time to sketch some seed packets, a set of designs I've been planning for years but never actually put down on paper. Until now that is. 

For the triple frame seed pack stitcheries I've added a vintage white button at the base...

The single frame features the "Best Bird Seeds" design and a yellow vintage button...

They have an air of beauty and calm in these frames, exactly the kind of display I love to see inside a home.

It's the second day of spring in Australia and in most areas new life will be breaking forth from the soil with the promise of pretty blooms to come.

We can't grow many 'usual' flowers in the tropics during summer, but they are beautiful through winter and spring.

However, I think these frames seed packets will add the perfect floral essence to our home all year through...and I do love flowers so very much.

These designs will be in the next issue of The Stitchery Club.
If you'd like to receive them just hop over HERE and find out how.

I also have a lovely 'welcome' gift pattern for new members who join by September 16th...

The September issue also includes two more new patterns, also nature inspired.

I have a rather old but good gardening reference book, another garage sale find, which I'm going to re-cover with "The Garden" block (above) featured on the front and I might do a quick tutorial for you. Is that something you'd be interested in?
The book is an ugly green hardcover at the moment so I think it needs a bright and cheery cloth cover to make it more enticing to pull off the shelf and read. Perhaps with a few lace bookmarks?
Anyhow let me know what you think about this.

Mr E and I have been out house hunting, not to buy yet, but a new rental.
It's time to live on one level and forgo so many stairs. We'd also like trees, plenty of shade, a double garage instead of a carport and access to a beach close by where we can take evening strolls by the water.

One home caught our eye this morning and we have an appointment to see through it next week.
We'd love your prayers for wisdom about this.
((thank you))

Mr E is putting the Jeep's transmission back together this weekend as he's finally received all the parts from across the globe. More prayers please? That this goes smoothly and after ten weeks with no Jeep he shall see the fruit of all his labour and have it back on the road very soon. 
((again, thank you))

My weekend? I shall head in to the kitchen to make bread, meatballs and chocolate brownies before playing with a few quilt block patterns. I downloaded the free app from Missouri Star Quilt Co and am all excited to make a few of Jenny Doan's tutorial patterns!

If you haven't seen this free app you'll find it here on iTunes or here for Android.
You can also watch them here on the website.

My eye is on the Sweet Petunias block/quilt...

It looks easy, and I love easy.  LOL!! 

Hope your weekend has some fun things waiting to happen too.



  1. Oooo I wish you heaps of luck with that house hunting. It will be good to find something more suitable. Those frames were certainly a great find. I am rather partial to white shabby frames myself. They are just perfect for your new pretty designs. I would love to see a tutorial for that project if you have the time and energy to do so. ( Please look after yourself first). Looks like I shall be heading over to Crafty for those new designs. Thankyou for a lovely post again.

  2. Yes Jenny I would love one of your tutorials. You are an excellent teacher, explaining things easily step by step. Best Wishes on all your dreams and wishes coming true. Prayers and hugs.(

  3. Such lovely frames, were they already like that or did you 'pimp' them like my friend Julie does? sweet stitcheries, it's like the frames were meant for them. best wishes on the home front.

  4. Girl, your work is so beautiful... I will be praying all goes well with the house, the jeep, life this weekend!

  5. Those stitcheries in the frames are so beautiful Jenny - those frames were just made for them I am sure :-) I have been painting some oval frames today & I thought of you my friend. Prayers & very best wishes for the house hunting this week. Xxx

  6. Your stitcheries look lovely in the shabby frames.. great finds.
    Good luck with the house and the Jeep...

  7. Moving is hard work, yet exciting at the same time. It's always fun to set up house in a new location. I hope you find what you are looking for. Your stitcheries are so pretty; the design reminds me of an antique door knob plate, with the button being the fancy door knob. So very pretty! Do you use foam board or something under your stitcheries to get them so tight in the frame?

  8. Jenny, any tutorial you do I welcome!
    Good luck and prayers with the house hunting.

  9. Prayers that the home of your dreams becomes a reality and that the transmission goes in easily and works beautifully! I love your work and your generosity is so greatly appreciated, I would love the tutorial you spoke of.

  10. Wonderful projects going on at your house, Jenny. I do pray the Jeep goes back together easily and works perfectly! A book cover would be a great tutorial, in my opinion. (But don't push yourself too hard to get it done!) There are a lot of those plain green-brown-orange-blue-gold-black covers floating around! Your cover does look absolutely perfect for a garden book. Of course, my prayers are for your finding a new home that is simply perfect in every way, and I'm throwing in that it costs less than the current rental, too! I hope it's the one you're going to look at next week, so the looking is over and the enjoyment begins!

  11. Your stitcheries are absolutely beautiful, and I love the frames. Good luck with the house hunting!

  12. Hi Jenny, Your work is so Beautiful as always and any tutorial you make is a delight as I have never embroidered before only since finding your blog and wonderful stitchery club..
    Lots of luck on the house searching We cant wait to see what you decide on...Have a blessed week ahead... May x

  13. I would be so grateful for a book cover tutorial, especially one flexible enough to work with a number of your beautiful stitcheries. I have a number of "ugly" books that would benefit from covering. Good luck with the house hunting.

    Cindy in NC

  14. Jenny, I always look forward to your blogs and this one didn't disappoint!! I am praying for you and Mr. E and your requests. I love your tutorials and thank you for them. Hope you have a good week!

  15. Fingers crossed and best wishes for both your new home and for your Jeep to be whole. Lovely new designs and flowers from seeds or gardens or shoppes are always beautiful. I love your idea of covering a book with fabric and stitchery and I would love to see your tutorial. I used to make fabric covers for small 3-ring binders and I loved them. Blessings as you enter into Spring and we enter into Autumn...<3

  16. Ooooooh, a new rental - how fun! Will be praying for that and the Jeep. Hoping it will be all fixed and happy to purr into it's new garage! Love the stitcheries - and happy the bird got in there!!

  17. The stitcheries look so lovely and fresh in their frames. Mr E will be so pleased to have the Jeep back on the road, as will you. I do hope that the right house for you will be available. We are thinking of you both with your planning.

  18. Yes, a tutorial on making a book cover would be greatly appreciated. I recently recognized my new Bible needs a cover now that I'm carrying it to a Bible study. Thank you for sharing your garage sale ventures and what you look for and especially how you repurpose your finds. As always, you are inspiring! I will continue to pray for you and your family and ask for blessings to come upon you.

  19. Jenny,
    I too would love another tutorial!
    Many prayer for the keep, house hunting and I pray yu find the perfect house with a beach!
    That would be lovely!
    Moving is tough this is true. But so worth it if it's the right place!
    Robin F
    Ft Worth, TX

  20. hola, estos bordados son para bordadora brother?


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