Saturday, September 9, 2017

Trust, fill and receive...

Father God, thank you that You are a God of fulfilled promises.
What You promise You will fulfill.
What You say comes to pass.
You have only good for us and never evil.

Lord, please fill the empty longing spaces inside of us as only You can, because only You know what we need. 
Empty us of self, of vain ambition, of selfish desires, of prideful, bitter or unforgiving hearts. Fill us more and more with You, Lord Jesus. More of you, less of us, until all we have is You. 

Set our thoughts on things above and place eternity on our hearts.

Bless us with a fresh revelation of what to let go and what to pursue. 
Show us, Lord, how to receive from You that which is best instead of lamenting not having the things we may want.

At Your feet and by Your Holy Spirit's direction, teach us about life and how to live righteously, that we may glorify You forever and be prepared to meet you in Glory.

In Christ we pray,


  1. Amen, gracias Jenny siempre reconforta una palabra del Señor, bendiciones para ti y Familia.

  2. Amen! What a beautiful prayer and comes right from my heart as I can tell it comes from yours.

  3. Amen. Lovely and poignant prayer. Thank you Jenny Dear. <3

  4. You always seem to know just what I need to hear especially with this hurricane about to hit the area close to where I live on the Gulf. I hope everyone who reads this will say a big prayer for Florida. This one is worse than Houston's, not to say they are not suffering but we all thought it was going to hit the Atlantic side but it has changed and is not going for the Gulf side. Panic--no I need to do what they say on TV and trust that God will take care of us. Thank you.(

  5. Exactly the prayer that I needed to read and say today!

  6. Beautiful prayer Jenny, Thank you just what I needed... Thank you x x

  7. I concur with May. Thank you, dear Jenny.

  8. Amen, me uno a la oración que llega en un momento muy especial para mi. Gracias por ser mensajera del Señor.
    Que Él bendiga siempre su hogar.

  9. Amen, such a God centred prayer!
    Thankyou Jenny for words to speak for our souls.

  10. Jenny, my family will continue to pray for a speedy and organized move. We also pray that the new place will be all the things you have prayed for.

  11. Amen...We serve an amazing and awesome God. He is always present, always listening, and always meeting our needs. He is steadfast when we are faithful. Thank you..
    Your Sister-in-Christ's Love,

  12. Amen, Amen, Amen. Beautifully written from your heart and with the Spirit of God doused in your soul! Gloria

  13. Jenny soy Lolita (KatiaSolano) de costa rica quiero agradecerte esta oracion tan bella hoy la he copiado en mi agenda para llevarla siempre conmigo , el martes inicio un nuevo trabajo y estoy muy temerosa , si embargo no se tu oracion llego este domingo a mis manos y me lleno de mucha paz . Gracias y bendiciones por estar siempre en este blog.


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