Monday, November 13, 2017

Rose Tattoo - a free design...

Remember back in June when I embroidered a little posey onto my blue cardigan?

Well my daughter Aisha thought it was beautiful so I asked if she'd like me to stitch another for her and she said, "Oh Mum, would you?! I'd love an embroidered cardie of my own."

I bought a black cardigan because that's a useful colour for any woman to have in her wardrobe, and sketched a spray of roses to stitch as they are Aisha's favourite flower. 

Last time I'd trialed the Sulky product but this time I used the Legacy brand.

It was a little easier on my hands, not quite as much gummy resistance to push the needle through, and it washed away quicker as well. 
I still don't like either product though.
They are not kind to arthritic hands but they serve a good purpose for projects like this when you're embroidering onto dark clothing and cannot easily trace the design in place. 

The three large roses are chain stitch and the rest of the design is a mix of backstitch, blanket stitch and colonial knots.
(I made these leaves)

Simple red and green on black.
Very effective, and Aisha was thrilled with her mum-made cardie. 

It doesn't take long to stitch this up so I thought you might like to have the pattern.
Embroidered cardigans would make lovely Christmas gifts...or embroidered mittens, gloves or scarves?

Blossom would like a grey embroidered cardie so at the moment I'm thinking of designs that would suit her.

A little stitchery certainly adds something special to a cardigan, don't you think?

You can download my free "Rose Tattoo" pattern HERE.

Hubby and I had a fairly relaxed weekend. Did you?

On Saturday morning we visited Blossom, Ross and Cully May, before returning home to finish our work - Mr E assessing his student's final end of year projects and me writing patterns for the next issue of The Stitchery Club.

As sunset drew closer my beloved asked if I'd like to go out for dinner and you know I said yes, right?! He took me to our favourite Thai restaurant and afterwards we drove along the water's edge with the cool evening breeze blowing around us. It was incredibly relaxing, so much so that we were in bed asleep by 9 pm. 

On Sunday morning we headed north to visit my dear friend Rosie who is recovering from a double knee replacement.  I baked blueberry muffins and took them along...

In spite of her pain and discomfort we laughed and laughed. 
Mr E and Rosie's son had us in stitches (they are both cheeky fellas!) and it was so good to see Rosie being just as cheeky back to them. She keeps us all on our toes!

You know, I've been fighting depression for a few weeks and it got so bad last week that I almost deleted my blog...but I have learned over time that I must not do anything extreme when depression has a hold of me, that I must be patient and wait until it lifts to make any big decisions or changes. 

Seeing Rosie yesterday was a tonic for me, as was a long phone call the other day with Fee. 
Having good friends (and I only have a few) who know you well and love you through the good times and the bad, can be the difference between sinking deeper into depression or reaching for the light at the end of the tunnel. I'm blessed to have these two women in my life and I hope I am a blessing to them as well.

If you're feeling like I was reach out to someone who knows you, a friend or family member who can come alongside and cheer you. It's not always as easy as that, I know, but being reminded that life has so many good moments that you can both laugh about and reminisce over is a tonic not to be overlooked. 
Don't forget to be that friend to others as well. 

Something I've just realised is that when the dark end of life takes hold of me I stop eating healthy, snacking on sweets and ice cream instead. I know that having good nutrition is very important to mental health so it surprised me to acknowledge I'd blindly forgotten all about this and done the complete opposite for three whole weeks.

Today I put aside the sweeties and chose to get back to the delicious natural foods which nourish my body and my mind.
I started by making 2 litres of fresh veggie juice and then prepared some roast vegetables to use in lunchtime salads through the week. 

I cut pumpkin and sweet potato into small pieces, then tossed them in coconut oil and salt before roasting them on trays until they were soft inside and slightly golden on the outside.

Sometimes I blend the roast pumpkin with chicken stock, roasted garlic and a little curry paste and heat it up in a saucepan for a spicy pumpkin soup lunch.  SO delicious!

I don't waste the pumpkin seeds either.

Removed from the pulp I toss them in coconut oil, salt and Cajun spice before roasting until they are golden and crisp.
Seriously, these are better than every other snack food I've tried.
In fact, these disappeared in 5 minutes.

Fortunately Mr E doesn't like pumpkin so I never have to share.  

It feels much better knowing I'm doing something positive for my health again.

Later in the week I have some great Christmas planning and Christmas gift ideas to share with you, but for now I have to trace pattern sheets and check them for accuracy before putting Friday's new issue of The Stitchery Club to bed.

Memberships for this issue close on the 16th so if you'd like to join just head over HERE.

Have a blessed week, and be sure to stop and enjoy the view.
Life is too short not to smell the roses.



Janice said...

I can see why Aisha loves her cardy. It would really suit her style. I’m sorry to hear that you have had a rough couple of weeks and so very relieved that you didn’t delete your blog. If Mr E is anything like Mick he would not have let you do that, knowing that a decision like that made in haste is not wise. I do hope that you are starting to feel more positive about things. Your friend Rose would have loved having you visit, especially when you take along such yummy treats. Your latest stitcheries are gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the reminder that what we eat does affect our mood & general feeling of well-being. I too have dealt with depression throughout my life & must remember not to let bad eating habits slip in & just make the situation worse! Hope things are looking more positive for you or will be very soon. Glad you shared this, with the help of friends the load is always lighter! Love the Rose Tattoo & the way to add stitching to dark fabrics. - Diane from Minnesota (where snow is covering the ground & will be for several months!)

Robin in New Jersey said...

Jenny, my heart jumped when you said you almost deleted your blog. You are loved and appreciated more than words can say. Please take good care of yourself. I'm glad you are feeling better. Prayers are with you.

Kerri Jack said...

The disappearance of your blog would have been like the death of a friend. So many times God has used your words to speak to my heart and for that I am so very grateful. Even though I am half a world away you are a true kindred spirit. Thank you for sharing your journey.

selina said...

beautiful embroidery! ohhh no, i hope you never delete your blog, there's so much inspiration here!
i was depressed for years, not sure what broke it but think it was a mixture of getting back into knitting & my gardening, also socialising is important too, i couldn't do much though.
i hope you beat it down soon.
take care of yourself
thanx for sharing

Little Penpen said...

Oh Jenny, do you know how many people would be so sad if you deleted your blog? I'm so glad you talked yourself out of it. I'm glad you are taking care of yourself and hopefully, feeling better. I suffer from depression, too, so I can completely understand how it would have seemed a good idea at the time.

I love the cardigan and the rose tattoo. It surely makes a plain cardigan POP, doesn't it?

You are such a great cook. The roasted sweet potatoes and pumpkin look so delicious.

Praying for you to have a beautiful week!!

psv said...

There's a funny, smart and sassy-mouthed American gal who writes a blog called The Bloggess. She's also an author and deals with crippling depression and chronic disease in her life. Well, when she gets really down, she has said repeatedly, "Depression lies." It has been a Godsend motto for me at times. I offer it to you. As you said, don't let depression dictate actions in your own life. Your blog is a daily blessing to me and I'd hate to see you close it.

Love, hugs and prayers. Your life of quiet domesticity is often thought of by me as a blessed beacon in our unsettling times.


Lin said...

Oh poor Rosie! Gosh that must be difficult. I do hope she makes a good recovery. Please don't leave us Jenny - we need you! Lovely cardi for Aisha. I love roasted veg and yes, makes a lovely soup.I too have a husband who does not like squash but I don't mind.
I hope you have a good week Jenny. Sending love. xx

Anonymous said...

Merci pour tout JENNY ,

Courage pour la dépression , ce n'est pas facile , il faut lutter contre les idées noires, en faisant des choses que l'on aime bien comme vos broderies , elles sont superbes , toutes douces au regard .

Allie-oops Designs said...

Oh honey that cardi turned out beautifully! The addition you made makes it over-the-top special. How lovely and thank you for sharing!!
I'm sorry to hear about the depression - sometimes it steals in softly and robs us a little more each day, til life is grey and flat. Sometimes it knocks you over the head. I know of only one way to get through it anymore, and that's with God's word. I like psv's comment about "depression lies", which means of course that the antidote is TRUTH....John 17:17 Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth.
Your food pics are simply mouth-watering. I think I'll go cook a you, girl.

Nancy said...

Jenny please know what a difference you make in the lives of so many. Those nearby or thousand of miles away. Those who heed your gentle encouragement to explore faith, creativity, and the blessings of the everyday, whatever the everyday is for them. I for one have been so blessed by you and your very special blog and sharing. You have made a difference in my life......I am very, very grateful and I thank you.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better, Jenny. I have been praying. The cardigan is as beautiful as the blue one. Thank you for the little design. Those muffins look so delicious! It sounds like a summer break is coming in Mr. E's school year - yay! May you have many pleasant days like the one with Rosie during the time he is off. I had a wonderful priesthood blessing on Sunday and feel much less stressed about my younger son this week.

Createology said...

You are very wise to reach out to your dear and understanding friends when times are blue. And how wonderful of Mr E to take you for a visit. Our Health is Priceless Sweet Jenny. I amm so very grateful that you did not eliminate your blog. You have no idea how many times your words and shares have helped me through darkness. Thank you so much for the little rose designs and they look beautiful on the black cardigan. Great gift idea too. Blessngs and Love...xo

Jacqueline said...

I hope your spirits soar as high as your generous nature. You deserve the best.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that you have been feeling rough, like all your other readers I love your blog and would be very sad if you no longer felt able to do it. You have influenced so many people and have made lots of people happy through your designs and your recipes and your reminders of focusing on what is important so I hope that you feel that you can continue.
You will be in my prayers and hope that you will feel better soon.
Love and best wishes
Alison x

Deborah said...

I am so glad you did not delete your blog. It is such an encouragement to me (and to many). I hope you are out of the dark days soon. Friends who understand are truly a blessing.

Guida said...

so glad you are on the road to recovery, and very happy you are keeping the blog. I think if you stopped it would be like loosing a good friend or a comforting blanket that keeps you safe when things are tough. Take care dear Jenny. Guida xxxxx

Tammy said...

Jenny please don't ever delete your blog. It is the best blog I have ever read. Seriously. You have a talent for writing and fro bringing women together. I love you blog and your Facebook group. Your designs are my most favorite of all. I hope you get though your depression. You are loved more than you will ever know...I hope Aisha loves her new cardigan. It turned out beautifully
Thank you for you generosity to share the rose design with us. Hugs to you my sweet friend

Ondrea said...

That lovely embroidery looks stunning on black. I have often resorted to processed food and too many sweet treats when I have been feeling poorly which only tends to make things worse. Sometimes we are simply too tired to worry but good food does nourish our body and soul. So lovely that you enjoyed dinner out. Laughter is the best medicine when we are unwell infact it helps produce those happy healing hormones. Good to see you smelling the roses despite the bad times. Angel hugs.

Linda Clark said...

Jenny, I read every one of your blog writings and they always lift my spirit. Yours is the only blog I read every single entry of. I hope you are able to continue your blog. I will pray for you to be feeling better. I love your designs. They are the most beautiful I have seen.

sam said...

This is so dainty and just the perfect tiny touch. Finishing a new heather grey light weight knit cardie. This will add the perfect touch. Thank you.

Jill said...

Loosing you Blog would be like loosing a friend. I soooooo look forward to hearing from you. Appreciate when you share your struggles, you keep it real. I too have to fight the depression demon along with arthritis and migraines and I'm not quite 50 yet. If you must maybe take a break from blogging and don't feel pressure to make a weekly post. You dear Jenny are LOVED more than you know!!!!! Hugs to you.......

Love the rose on the cardi, simple and as always, beautiful from you.

Gail said...

Your honesty is so refreshing. You really are a lovely lady. Keep it up because you are doing God’s work and isn’t that what this life is all about for His children. True it’s not always easy and we do go through the rough times but remember His Promise. “I will never leave you, nor forsake you”.
Thank you for just being you.
Blessings Gail

Julie said...

Good morning Jenny. Aisha's cardigan is just lovely. I have begun wearing cardigans again after years spent wearing zip up hoodies. I feel so much more feminine in my cardies :-) I wish I could reach into the screen & taste your blueberry muffins, they look divine.
I hope you never ever erase your blog my dear friend. It is always such a lovely place to visit .... such a treat when I see you have posted & I always feel like putting the kettle on before I read!! These dark times are no fun at all & we just have to find ways to keep them at bay as they can sneak up on us so easily. Sending love & friendship your way Jenny Xxx

Anonymous said...

Aww, Jenny, I'm so grateful that you didn't delete your blog. I would miss it terribly. Your encouraging posts have helped me many times when my days seemed bleak. I would feel very sad if you would quit blogging. Your blog is such a peaceful place to find solitude and quietness.
Thanks so much for all you do and share. And for your gorgeous work you do as well.

fliss said...

Jenny, you are so right with what you say about eating rubbish when you're down. It is the easiest thing to do and only serves to make you feel worse. Congratulations for not giving in and preparing better food for mind and body. I now need to do the same. Xx