Thursday, March 1, 2018

Block 3 "A Year in the Garden" BOM...

In Australia today we welcome the first day of Autumn.

This season used to be my favourite but after living in the tropics for almost nine years it is winter my heart longs to meet each year. During these long years of drought our winter has felt like a cool spring, and Autumn has been three more months of hot days before the moderate temperatures of winter arrive. 

However, with the amount of rain and flooding Townsville has had over the past week or more, the earth is cooling beneath us and this bodes well for a more pleasant mid to late Autumn and a genuinely cool winter. I wore a cardigan just one day last winter, but perhaps this autumn there'll be a few cardie days to enjoy. Being a cardie-loving gal I certainly hope so.  

The March block features sunflowers, their beautiful large faces joyously greeting the sun each day. The last day of summer closes and they wake to the first day of Autumn, still tall and strong and watching the sun cross the wide blue sky from dawn till dusk. 

If you're stitching along you'll find the March pattern in my shop as a free download for the rest of the month.

It will become a $2 purchase on April 1st when the next block is shared. 

To see the January and February blocks visit the BOM page here. They are now available as $2 purchase from my shop.

Our sweet Blossom has seen the doctor and he has decided to induce her on Monday morning if she does not go into labour before then.

From two premature birth scares at 19 weeks and 29 weeks this wee baby has decided she likes the warm comfort of mummy's womb after all. 

March Stitchery Club

I haven't shown you the patterns inside the March issue of The Stitchery Club yet, so here they are.

Heartfelt words mean a great deal to me and I find myself designing with them quite often. 
Whether a quote, a sentiment or one single word, they can find their way into a moment and hold you there, drawing on what the message of those words may carry into your own very precious life.

This set of six patterns with full detailed instructions for each, will be emailed to all my subscribed Club members on March 17th.

If you'd like to know more everything you need is over here at The Stitchery Club page.

Being stranded inside due to the torrential rain I spent all day pulling apart my sewing room in dry comfort (instead of my pantry). My feet and legs are aching like crazy tonight, but the effort was worth it and soon I'll show you how the room has come together. After five months living here I had realised the room did not function as well as I liked but after today it's perfect for my needs.

Tomorrow it's the pantry's turn, but right now my Italian Meatballs are ready to be served and I have bread to slice and a table to set.  I'm so thankful for our dry home, a delicious meal to share, a husband who arrived home safe and sound, and a soon to be born new grandchild. 

That's where my heart dwells this evening, giving thanks for the people I love and the life God has given us.

I pray your day or evening holds much to be thankful for too,



Nanna Chel said...

Jenny, your little grandchild will come when he/she is ready I am sure. I believe the rain will be moving west in a few days time so I hope the roads are clear when it is time for you to pick up Cully May.We are not in the tropics of course but we are also looking forward to the cooler weather.

Joanne said...

Thank you Jenny !
First day of Spring here in The Netherlands!
Cold east wind, freezing temperatures, people ice skating outside!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the rain, it keeps the humidity at bay. I remember when I moved to Innisfail over 30 years ago, it rained for 6 weeks. It took time to get used to.
You have a long wait for cardi weather, Tvlle show time! But all the rain will make Tvlle look lovely for a short time. I love your embroidery and designs. I hope to have a try later in the year. God bless you and your family. Erin

e said...

Spring and summer very shortly on my horizon. Thank you for the beautiful block this month.

Christine M said...

Sending hugs to you and Blossom. Baby probably wants to stay out of the rain! LOL! I hope all goes well on Monday, if not sooner. Stay dry. Hugs, Christine xx

Kathleen said...

Oh the March garden block is such a pretty and full design. Love it and thank you. I also like this month's club patterns. I may decide to buy that bunch too!

Winifred said...

Not long to go now, it seems like a lifetime when you are overdue. Both of my children were late & you think you will burst.

Those embroideries are so pretty makes you think of spring. Speaking of spring it doesn't seem like it here in the UK. We have winds from Siberia & a foot of snow. Haven't seen anything like it for years! I am hibernating, haven't been out since Monday & don't intend to go out again other than to church on Sunday.

I hope you get to wear your cardis this autumn, I love them so cuddly & warm. I have dragged out a couple of Marks & Spencer thermal vests which have not been worn for years. They are fabulous. Just hope they don't run out of gas for the central heating, apparently it's in short supply!

Love to you all, hope to hear some good news soon.

Susie said...

thank you for another beautiful pattern. Wishing Blossom and all the family the very best.

Anonymous said...

Of course, I like the March block! Gardens are among my favorite things, as you know, though I'm not that great at growing real flowers. I can grow stitched ones, though! All the designs for March look wonderful, too - more gardens! Thank you so much for designing such beautiful things for us. I'm still praying for Blossom and the baby. I'm hoping she doesn't have to wait for Monday!

Rya, Rotterdam said...

Dear Jenny, I pray for Blossom and her baby. That your new grandchild will arrive safe and healthy. Waiting till Monday is sooooo long.
Love and hugs
Rya Lucas
the Netherlands

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I'll save the March stichery when I get back home. Praying for Blossom to have a happy and healthy baby. Both of ours are March grandbaby's.

Jenny said...

I love the HOME stitchery beautiful.

QuiltE said...

Another lovely block for March. I really am enjoying this EBOM, and seeing the blocks build together for a full set. Thank you!

Good Luck ... Grandma-In-Waiting .. for #2!

Lee said...

Thank you - I am enjoying the monthly stitching and so appreciate the patterns! We are heading towards Spring... hopefully as we had 9 inches of snow over the weekend. Nice time to stay in and stitch!

Allie-oops Designs said...

Oh my goodness the March design is just too gorgeous - I love that!!! Thank you! I do hope you get to wear some cardies this winter, I love them too but usually have two hoodies on over them. The new designs for the stitchery club are just stunning!!!!

Val said...

For some reason I cannot find the download for March BOM! What am I doing wrong?

Unknown said...

Aquí no llueve, un invierno muy seco y con altas temperaturas pero disfruto con vuestros bordados y leyendo vuestros comentarios que me transportan a otros tiempos y a otros lugares. Aquí encuentro bondad y belleza. Gracias