Monday, February 24, 2020

The Homemakers Heart week 4...

How did you go in your laundry last week? Did you give it a good scrub and re-organise things that may have been gathering in the wrong place, or dispose of anything excess?
You know, regardless how many of you are following along with the weekly tasks I've set myself, the results in our home have been wonderful.

Last week I showed you the 'before' photos of our small laundry (you can see them here) but today I am happy to share pics of a much brighter and cheery laundry room.

I bought a couple of lovely baskets - one to hold cleaning rags (the ones I made here plus a few more which were gifted from a friend) and the washing machine cleaner, and the other to hold washing powder and colour catcher sheets.

My peg apron is finished and went into service successfully last week, but then the rain came back and we've had to use the indoor drying rack over the weekend. 

The peg bag which hangs beside the laundry sink was made about two years ago and holds pegs for indoor drying. 

The pretty little china cup with the yellow rose has for many years been my measuring cup for washing powder. I read once that the laundry should be a place you love to be so why not use a pretty cup for the washing powder. I thought that was the loveliest idea!

I hung some colour on the walls and added plants in the room too.

The other side of the back door holds the pull out drawers my husband installed when we first moved in because there is no storage in the laundry at all. Beside it sits the indoor kitchen-scraps tub (which is eventually added to the compost) which until this weekend was see-through and an ugly sight from the kitchen which adjoins the laundry. 
So glad we've swapped it for a large white lidded bucket, and I've popped a nice plant on top too.

Blossom stitched this for me many years ago and it's perfect in the laundry where it helps to brighten a very beige room (I'm not a beige girl)...I've hung it beside the window above that white bucket and plant. Previously it was in the sewing room but I much prefer here where I can see it every day from the kitchen. 

Atop the drawers I have another basket with large cleaning cloths and a pretty tin with medium size cloths, some essential oils on a vintage plate which I use for cleaning, plus a jar of bi-carb and lavender oil which is sprinkled on the rugs every so often before vacuuming (smells divine and kills pet odour) and of course a spare iron. 

The baskets on top of the washing machine sit over a table runner I made completely by hand when I taught myself to quilt, applique and embroider in a wintry cabin atop a mountain range in 2005. It holds deep sentiment and because it has faded so much over the years I've often thought about making it again but I know it won't be the same so I treat this one with care. 

A couple of other things I did whilst going over the laundry was to make a new batch of Miracle Spray and another cleaner I use on the gasket of the washing machine.

I will decant the Miracle Spray into a spray bottle tomorrow as I'll be finishing the last of it's contents on the kitchen bench tops and around the stove top after dinner tonight. 

So, I did spend a bit of money 'fixing up' my rather beige and boring laundry, but not too much.
The three baskets were bought from K-Mart at $10 each, and there's a new pink washing basket (the old one had a broken handle), also $10. 
The large white lidded scraps bucket was $14.

Total of my laundry makeover was $54 and well spent. It's a far cheerier space in the home now, the tub and taps sparkle and everything is nicely organised.

This week's TASK:

Clean your washing machine - that means the lint trap, the drum, the detergent dispenser, top and sides, and also that very important gasket (if you have a front loader).
My washing machine cleaner is made from 99% vinegar and a mix of tea tree oil and lavender.
I use a damp rag to wipe the gasket (it's that rubber seal on the door of the washer)...

...and then I spray with my natural washing machine cleaner, leave it a few minutes, and with another damp rag (or two) I scrub out all the gunk which tends to accumulate every couple of months.

To finish I wipe down the inside and outside of the door and then run a hot rinse adding a cup of white vinegar inside first.

This will be my task tomorrow and once it's done I can truly say my laundry is spick and span.

Will you take the challenge?

When Blossom was pregnant with Cully May she decluttered the tiny cottage they were living in at the time and brought me a pile of old towels to see if they could be re-purposed. 
I spent an afternoon adding pretty fabric trims to her old white towels by using up scraps of quilt binding left over from years of projects. 
The towels were stained but still serviceable so we decided they could be re-purposed as bath mats, change table mats, cleaning cloths and dish cloths. You know, Cully May is three and half now and those re-purposed towels are still in service.

If you'd like a trip down memory lane you can see my tutorial back HERE and perhaps be inspired to give your old towels a new life?

We've had so much wet season rain that the garden is a pond and the swimming pool overflows a few times each day so Mr E has to pump out the excess water.
Of course our trees and plants love a good soaking and as this is nearing the end of our current wet season we're gratefully accepting every drop that falls from the sky. 

But did you know that rain water is wonderful for your indoor plants too?

I have around 40 indoor plants now so over two days I put them outside in lots of 20 or so and left them to be completely soaked and flushed by the rain. Rain water flushes the soil in those pots and revitalises the plants. Every year I do this and the result is stronger, happier, healthier plants. It's also the only way I can get my peace lilies to flower.

I hope today's Homemakers Heart post has inspired you in some way. I am looking with new eyes at my home this year and it's giving me such joy to focus on one space at a time and make it pleasing to our eyes, and sparkly clean too. 

I have a few recipes to share with you but I'll do that later in the week because my beloved is due home within the hour and I must be away to start dinner. 

God bless your precious hearts and may you find His generous nature extends to more than your needs but also to your creative ideas and your ability to see them through.

big hugs


Tammy said...

What a lovely post today. Your laundry room looks great. I will revisit the repurposing the bath towel tutorial. I was thinking something similar with some cleaning cloths the hem are just wearing away and the cleaning towel cloths are beginning to fall apart around the seams...Thinking binding might make them last longer...Thank you for the timely and needed post. Hugs to you my sweet friend

Joanne said...

Hi Jenny,
So that's what it's called! Gasket !
and those colour catchers are a real much appreciated discovery !

Little Quiltsong said...

Ahhh - rain water for indoor plants too - I will try that. I have a few plants, that I have had to replant, and they still aren't doing the best - maybe that is what they need :)! (As soon as the snowy season passes). Beautiful update to your laundry room - everything looks so refreshed and cheery.

Allie said...

Oh Jenny your laundry room looks so lovely!!! And guess what my number one task today is - even before I read this - to clean the inside of my washing machine! I guess I'll get another coffee and do that. Love seeing your garden so lush!

gracie said...

Simple and very nice changes. Sometimes that is all it takes.

elsa said...

LOVED the ped hanger!!!

Anorina @SameliasMum said...

Thanks for the reminder. I really need to give my washing machine (and dryer) a clean too.
I love those baskets you got from Kmart. They look a great handy size.

Martha N said...

Lovely reminders to really clean those faithful appliances. Can you share your recipes for your Miracle spray and washing machine cleaner?

Jane said...

Your laundry is looking lovely. I cleaned mine out and removed items that didn't belong. I didn't have anything that needed throwing out. Once I returned everything, all the items fit. Before I started it all looked so squashed in and cluttered. Thank you for the inspiration to get it tidied up and looking like a nice space instead of an untidy and unloved area of the home.

Helen L said...

Your laundry room is looking so much better than mine!! :-) Mine is in the garage, and there isn't much hope of sprucing things up when there are so many things squashed in there and the spiders love to make their homes in the corners. But I do at least clean the lint off the dryer. :-) What is Miracle Spray? And what do you use it on? Did I miss a post somewhere where you talked about it? If so, if you would be so kind as to send me a link to that post you wouldn't have to talk all about it again. :) Thanks so much! Hugs, H

Farm Quilter said...

Your laundry room looks so lovely!! What is Miracle Spray and Washing Machine Cleaner? Please share the recipes! Your home always looks so lovely and welcoming...a calm oasis for your family!

kallii said...

Jenny as always you make things look lovely! Tell about your Miracle Spray this house could use some!

Glenise said...

Everything you make or buy is so pretty Jennifer. You are an inspiration to us all and a ray of sunshine each and everyday. Thank you. My cupboard underneath my laundry trough is overdue for a clean out so you have inspired me yet again. My laundry is small but because it is next to kitchen and where the fridge is it is on view all day every day as we live in a small apartment. I did have a magnificent laundry about 17 years ago but silly me never appreciated the space I had as it was a lovely large new home but my mum died 2 weeks after we moved in and the house though beautiful made me sad and empty. It was just a house not a home. We moved 15 mths later into an apartment. Major downsize. Regrets? Financially not a good decision but living more contented life and never seen so much in all my life. Retirement 3.5 years ago has helped. Love your blogs. Thank you. You have kept me on track so many times.

Glenise said...

Sorry Jennifer. It should read never sewn so much. Silly auto corrector. 😬

Michelle Browning said...

My laundry room has no storage either but at least you have a window, mine doesn't. Obviously men designed our homes LOL

Janice said...

It’s amazing how a little effort can make a huge difference to a room. It looks so inviting. Our laundry makeover last year was a game changer.

Susan said...

Jenny, what a nice post and lovely tour of your laundry. I don't think I've ever in my life cleaned my washer as you described. Wiped down the outside, yes, and cleaned the bleach cup, but that's about it. I think I will do a little more with my top-loader this week - at least the vinegar, because I bought cleaning vinegar just last week! It's difficult to keep anything clean with three people using the equipment, and two of them a bit careless about such things. =) Your laundry looks as inviting as the res of your house, with the lovely details you added. The baskets are great!

Anonymous said...

Yes, please post recipe for Miracle Spray?

Kathy in USA said...

Helen, Just type Miracle Spray in the blog search block at the top of the page (Mine is on the left) It will take you to Jenny's post. The link to the recipe is there. She even made the recipe downloadable! Wonderful lady!

kupton52 said...

Hi Jenny...greetings from southeastern WV, USA. I just read your "second last newsletter" and wanted to thank you for everything you've shared over the many years I've been following and reading your posts and newsletters. I have a wonderful collection of patterns which I can pass down to my daughters and grandchildren. Your precious testimony has always been an inspiration and comfort. In every post, whether it be about embroidery, cooking, homemaking, your love for Jesus shines brightly. Follow God's leading...guard your heart and time. Leaving IG and FB is a small price to pay for less stress and more time to focus on what is truly important. And just in case HE instructs you to give up the website, please know you have planted many good seeds and will reap a harvest accordingly. Hugs and much love!

FlourishingPalms said...

Hi Jenny! I'm so glad I found you here. I looked for you on Instagram, and it looks like you closed your account. I'm sorry to know that, but certainly understand how much work it can be to keep up with several social media accounts. I just wanted you to know that I missed you on IG, so am following you here. Thanks for sharing (in the previous post) about your medical concerns, and how you're handling them. I admire your resolve, and your unlimited faith. Take care of yourself. Bless you!

A Notion to Sew said...

I have to say, Jenny, I adore your blog as it is an outpouring of your lovely heart! I too closed my IG account and I have never signed up for FB. My, ahem, addiction is YouTube. You've inspired me to limit my time on YT. I must confess, I am not giving it up completely (yet), but I have prayed about and discerned that the Lord is nudging me to wean myself from YT. Baby steps. Thank you for all the lovely photos, recipes, embroidery designs (I am a member of your Faith in Hand club), and Biblical encouragement. As long as you continue your blog, I shall continue to be blessed. Thank you. Pam

KingsailK said...

Hi Jenny ,I never knew that was called a gasket!Thank you so much for your wonderful tips.I am not on FB or Instagram,I hope I will be able to receive your emails ok.I am not v Davy re things such as this.Much love Mary-Lou

Unknown said...

You've shared so many good things from your and home. I want to comment on the lovely idea of the table runner atop your washer. My dryer still runs very efficiently, so I have not replaced it, but the top is rusted. It was in the home when we bought it 15 years ago. I thought about using a special paint like Rustoleum or contact paper. I should fix it. Oh, and yes, a doorstop tutorial would be welcome if you decide you'd like to share. My mother used to make those. I have one particular door that could use one. Warm regards, Alexine

Andrea Charles said...

Cute baskets, neat laundry room and beautiful garden. Now am I being envious. Lol. Sorry about that. I never used rain water for indoor plants. I will try that out in the next rainy season. Our dry spell has started. Got reminded about cleaning the washing machine. Nice and neat home.

Monica said...

Happy Birthday! You're beautiful inside and out! May He bless you ten-fold!

Peascod said...

Happy Mother's Day to you. I had a quiet day to catch up on blog posts. I read yours every time I receive one, but there is so much I want to save (not just patterns). Which is why I am only now commenting on this post. I am in the process of putting back my house after having moved my father in with me to care for him until his going home to our Lord. It had taken taken a real toll on my house cleaning as I had spent the year before going to his house every day to sit with him and cook for him. He had early Alzheimer's and would forget to eat. So house cleaning to a position of 2nd place and then only surface cleaning :> (I had also been newly diagnosed with Fibromyalsia and in my 7 year with chronic back nerve pain). Today I was doing some much needed laundry and as I was hanging up my tops I noticed that everyone of them had what looked liked grease spots all over them. I was so frustrated I came back to reading your blog emails and the very next post was this one about cleaning your washing machine. I have a top loader and have never had any problems with it until now. So luckily I had vinegar and oils to make up a small batch and the machine is running now. Tomorrow I will look around for a scrubber with a handle so I can reach the bottom of the drum and do a major cleaning of the washer and see if it helps then figure out what I can use to get the spots out! Isn't is great how God knows just what you need and when you will need it!! Thanks, I so enjoy your writings and it is good to hear God's word sprinkled through out your writings like Gold.