Friday, July 3, 2020

Down but not out...

Just as hubby and I thought we were recovering swiftly from our head colds everything changed. Yesterday we had a lot more energy, the odd little cough, and were sure we'd come out the other side of it all. Happy days.
Then late afternoon we both came tumbling down again and after smothering our chests in Vicks Vaporub and brewing warm herbal tea we settled quietly in our recliners and watched the Esther movie "One Night With The King" (this is free to watch on YouTube) before heading to bed. 
This morning we find ourselves no better so our weekend will be spent resting, nourishing our bodies with good fresh meals, and pottering around doing things at a much slower pace (because we get bored doing nothing). 
My easy project for the next little while is sorting small bits of fabric, whilst my husband is repairing and painting the cubby house we 'rescued' around New Year for the girls to play in when they visit.

I saw on Pinterest how someone had sorted out their applique fabrics into colours and stored them in containers. As I use applique in almost all my designs you can imagine I have plenty of offcuts and scraps on hand, but they live inside a large basket and two large decorative boxes. When I have need of a particular colour it requires much rummaging through a rainbow of fabric pieces to find the right colour/print/size for the project I'm putting together.

With five large decorative jars on hand I decided to settle at the dining table yesterday and make a start on separating my bits and pieces into their pretty new glass homes. Indeed, they are much nicer stored this way than hidden in boxes.

So far I've sorted them into reds, pinks, blues/turquoise, green, and yellow/orange, but when I am recovered from this head cold I'll buy a few more so that I don't have any double colour jars. For the time being though this is keeping me occupied and I'm reacquainting myself with prints I haven't seen in a while. 

Last week I bought two copies of the latest (to arrive in Australia) Daphne's Diary magazine, the second was for Blossom, and I'm rather pleased I've not had time to read it yet because now I can relax and enjoy it while taking some recovery time.

And a bonus is a good supply of my favourite herbal tea which I shall enjoy frequently in coming days.

We're picking fresh vegetables and herbs from the garden each day now and tomorrow I'll finally cut into one of our pumpkins for soup making.

Here's the cubby house in progress. The undercoat is finished inside and Mr E has begun painting the outside. Not sure what colour inside will eventually be but probably white as I have a beautiful house quilt to hang in there and lots of decorating ideas that Blossom and I can do together before we hand it all over to Cully May and Rafaella.

If you haven't seen "One Night With The King" (the book of Esther) here's the link...

We've found some wonderful faith based movies on YouTube lately, and especially enjoyed the Gospel of Luke...

We also enjoy just listening to the Bible being read as we sit quietly at night...

Perhaps some of these will be a blessing to you.

I hope and pray you have a lovely relaxed weekend ahead of you, that your health is good (or improving if you've been under the weather lately), that you have interesting and fun things to occupy your hands and mind, and that in all things you see evidence of our loving God's hand in your day to day life.

Bless you heaps,


  1. Daphne's Diary is a favourite of mine too. It's so hard to wait for it to arrive sometimes.
    I sorted my buttons by colour a while ago. I do have a mix of colours, but I name them. Red, orange and yellow are my sunset mix; blue and green my ocean mix; pinks and purples are blossom mix! Sometimes it's so relaxing just to sit and sort things. Hope you and Mr E feel better soon!

  2. Thank you, Jenny. Feel better but do rest! Take care 🌼

  3. Hope both you and Mr Elefantz get better real soon xx

  4. Wishing you a speedier recovery than you've had thus far

  5. Hi Jenny,
    Looks like jars filled with candy at the sweet shop :)
    Those new recliners are being enjoyed then ? :)

  6. Jenny I have never heard of Daphne's Diary. I will have to check it out. Thanks for the link to 'One Night with the King'. I will watch it soon. I do hope you both improve quickly as I am sure you have lots of jobs for your hubby to do in the school holidays 😉

  7. So sorry to hear that you are not well but you seem to been top of your recovery already by taking care of yourselves. The lovely jars of fabric scraps are so pretty, I have small candle jars that are filled with buttons when the candle is finished. x

  8. Your scraps look very pretty in those jars Jenny - great idea. The cubby house is what we call a Wendy house. Its going to be lovely for the girls. Hope you both feel better soon and enjoy your soup. xx

  9. A wonderful idea to sort the fabrics by color in the pretty glasses.
    Thanks for the recommendation "One Night with the King", it is on amazon Prime and I will.
    All the best for you and get well soon.
    Warm regards to you.

  10. I love your pretty jars, but what caught my eye is the quilt beneath the jars. I hope you will show a photo of it sometime! I hope you have a restful weekend, drinking your tea and recuperating with your hubby. Thank you for such a pretty post with your colorful fabrics and veggies!

  11. Adorable cubby house. Can't wait to see how you decorate it when Mr E is finished painting. Keep warm and kept well. So good it is the holidays so Mr E can rest and not worry about teaching. xxx

  12. Pray you are both feeling better. Rest is probably the best medicine. Girls will love the house. Love the jar idea. I don't keep anything small than 2.5 square. I have them sorta sorted in plastic boxes.
    Stay safe.

  13. Love the cubby house. It is so neat. Cant wait to see what all you do to it. And the jars are gorgeous . The colored fabrics look like jewels shining inside My scraps are stacked into plastic nesting baskets. And take up space.

  14. Great post! good idea with the fabric pieces in a jar!

  15. I'm sorry to hear you haven't been well! Of course, I immediately though "COVID-19," and I hope that's not the case. About 12 years ago I bought the DVD of "One Night With the King," to share with our granddaughter. As well, I read the Bible story aloud to her. If you haven't yet watched "The Chosen" series, I highly recommend them! It's an app, and the first episode begins with the birth of Jesus. Most the of stories are told from the perspectives of the people around Jesus. So very well done. Enjoy your fresh veggies and be well!

  16. I like your sorting jars. Perhaps if Regan ever gets my shelving made, I, too, will sort scraps into pretty jars and pop them on the shelf! The cubby house is already looking better, and I can envision how pretty it will be with you and Blossom working together on it. Will you stencil pretty flowers under the windows? Or perhaps add real window boxes with tiny blooms? I can't imagine you setting up house with no flowers. =)

  17. Thank you for those links, Jenny I do hope you are both soon well..but I love that you have had the time for your fabric color organizing - i am an organizer at heart! ♥

  18. Those jars look so pretty, Jenny. I hope you and Mr E are feeling better soon. Take care of yourselves. xx

  19. So sorry to hear that you are both unwell and I hope you are well on the mend now. Love the cubby house. Your jars are very pretty filled with fabric scraps. I might chase up that movie. I bought a tier of coloured drawers for my scraps. I just open the appropriate drawer colour and pop them in. Take carexx

  20. Jenny, I just want to say thank you. Your posts are such a comfort to me these days. You remind me to keep looking up to Jesus and rest in Him, and I need that so much right now. Thank you for being real and sharing your hope. I've walked with Jesus most of my life, but I still have days with doubt, fear and discouragement, and your words mean so much. XXOO

  21. One Night With the King is a favorite of mine. It's a lovely retelling of the story. I'm glad you are feeling better. I too am a teacher and I was sick in February and it lasted well into our Covid-19 quarantine, so about 6 weeks. Not fun. I love your scrap jars. I have mine in cubby cubes, but yours are so much prettier. Great idea.

  22. Hope you are feeling better now. I love your jars. They'll look great on a shelf so bright and colorful.
    Our fresh veggies are slowing down between the Texas heat and no rain it's taking it's toll but I did get lots of salsa made and canned. Yum


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