Friday, February 17, 2023

Sewing now, sewing soon, new kits...

I think it's been ages since you saw the grandkids? Thousands of you have followed Blossom, and then her children, through this blog since 2008, and emails often arrive asking for updates and new pics. 

The Children...

Well, a couple of weeks ago Blossom and I were out with Charlie, who turned 2 in December, and we were shopping at Big W for some new shoes. I was taking photos of him trying on a few pairs and then texting them off to Ross, when I captured the cutest pic of our young lad and thought I must show you. My husband always wears a collared shirt when going out, even to the supermarket, something he learned whilst being raised by his grandparents. Our young Charlie wears a collared shirt too, and so did my Pop when leaving the house. Our handsome little man is proudly carrying on the tradition...

The two girls are both at school now, and loving it. Their teachers have nothing but praise for them, and marvel at how polite, kind, and respectful they are to the staff and other children. It's a wonderful reflection on Blossom and Ross, which makes me very proud of them and their little family. 

Cully May is 6 1/2 now, and Rafaella is about to turn 5. Gosh, I love these children! They are sunshine and happiness, love my cooking, and most importantly, they love Jesus. 

SEWING now...

Here's what I'm working on at the moment. It's a remake of a design which was included with one of my clubs in 2020. I had been given Tilda fabric to promote and it really wasn't one of my favourites, but I went ahead with an idea and loved it (the idea, not the fabric). Now, almost three years later I am remaking it with fabrics and colours which I really like, and the more I stitch, the happier it makes me.

The verse is a favourite with many of us, I'm sure, so once it's complete and I have re-written the pattern, I will have it available for those who are interested. 

The fabrics have been sitting on my shelf for years, and I think the red and green together are quite striking, so decided to keep the colour palette to those two, plus a brown to lift the whole effect.

I do a little each afternoon and sometimes in the evening, as there's no rush - but having said that, the further along it progresses, the more eager I am to complete it! 

Do you like the simple palette of red, green and brown??

SEWING soon...

In a few weeks I shall be starting a new project, one I have been excited to do for ages. It's one of Anni Downs older quilt patterns, Gossip in the Garden, and one of my friends will be sewing it as well, which makes the whole project even more fun.

For fabrics, I chose the lovely Blume and Grow prints by Natalie Bird. Buying fabric is pretty rare for me, but I decided to treat myself for this quilt, and think these will be perfect.

NEW kits...and a pattern too!

I've mentioned before that my aim the past few years was to use what I already had in my sewing room, and only buy when there was a need, or if I had a specific purpose and project in mind.

Last year as I pondered this decision more and more, I was able to spend time going through all my bits and pieces to see what could be donated, what could be re-purposed, what would Blossom be able to use, what do I still love and want to use, and lastly - what could I make up into kits.

I get messages a lot through my Etsy Shop asking if I sell kits, and if I was an actual fabric shop that would be an easy thing to do...but I am an embroidery designer selling digital patterns, and don't buy large quantities of fabrics and threads to sell. However, I have been known to purchase two or three metres of special fabrics which made my heart go pitter patter, every so often...though not these past few years.

Anyhow, I have decided to make up a few kits here and there every so often, when I have a little project/tutorial to share here on the blog, and my recent tutorial for the Sew Simply Sewing Pouch was so very popular that I decided to make the same pouch with a different stitchery cover and create some kits! You can see below how the same sewing pouch can feature a different stitchery cover...

"Made From The Heart" was stitched in one colour to blend with the fabric I chose, an old Tilda print from her Apple Butter range of prints in 2019. Inside the contrast lining is an even older Tilda print, from about 2014 I think...

The downloadable stitchery pattern for Made From The Heart is available HERE in my shop, and includes the sewing pouch tutorial.

But you may already have an orphan stitchery tucked away somewhere that you can use, and if so, HERE is the free tutorial to make the pouch which I shared on the blog last month.

Perhaps you'd like the complete kit to make one of these pouches? Well, guess what? I have them in my shop, a limited number, in this blue version, but also in a lovely red (also Tilda fabrics)...

And just for fun, I've included the stitchery printed on Sticky Fabri-Solvy because I know many of you use this. I prefer to trace my embroideries onto the fabric, but have used the Sticky Fabri-Solvy for embroidering on cardigans for my daughters and know that it's especially helpful for those new to embroidery, or who don't like tracing.

The kits have everything you need to make the sewing pouch, except a needle and a sewing machine. If you'd like to purchase one of these kits pop over HERE to my Etsy Shop.

Next week I'll have a pre-tutorial for the Little House Corner Stitch-a-long so you can prepare for the first embroidery pattern (all free!), plus I have a yummy recipe to share, and an update on our very sad late Australian summer garden.

Love to know what you're sewing right now, and if you have a big project ahead in your plans? 

Also, have you ever made something that you ended up not really liking, and wished you'd made it differently? Maybe you could plan to do that this year?? I can tell you from my own experience that it's very satisfying. 

God bless you and keep you safe in His wonderfully strong arms where you can rest any time of the night or day and be assured of His perfect love for you. 


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Joanne said...

Hi Jennifer,
A beautiful Friday morning post !
You did a great job with portrait photos of your grandkids !
Have fun with all those beautiful fabrics and Gossip in the garden :)
Your Etsy shelves are being filled as quickly as they empty ! Great to hear !
A plan for this year is to get a quilt top tied to a backing. I have always wanted to give it a try. I have a sample of quilted lining that is very light weight. This might be the solution :) 150 cm wide. It would be great to get your Simple Days applique blocks and Tilda inspired fabric top on show and in use this Summer :)
hugs, take care, enjoy your weekend

Emma Christian said...

Your Grandchildren are gorgeous and look so happy.

I have just finished making Elsies Waldorf doll (which I made for her first birthday) a little red dress, leggings, an apron and a little toy goat. I'll give it to her tomorrow for her birthday. Next, I am going to make a soft case for Angus's harmonica and embroider his name on it I have also been doing some hand mending. Once I am through with that I think I will start a simple summery house dress. I prefer to wear loose dresses as they are cool and comfortable and I have an odd cotton sheet that I think will do the trick as fabric for a trial dress. Sewing here is often slower then I would like as I squeeze it in around other things. xx

Pink Rose said...

Lovely postJenny ,glad that you and Rosie could use the pattern ,looking forward to seeing both your versions 🌹🤍🌹

Lorrie said...

What sweet faces your grandchildren have. Little boys (and big ones) look so smart in collared shirts, and I love the shoes Charlie is wearing in the photo, too. Loving Jesus is what I pray for my grands, and I'm happy that they all do.
I'm sewing a jacket for myself. It's a project I began quite a long while ago, but I am determined to finish it, and as you've said, the closer it gets to being finished, the more motivated I am to work on it.
Blessings on you and your family,


Anonymous said...

Thank you for such a lovely post. The children are really growing up so fast. I'm currently working on a quilt called Brightly by Cluck Cluck Sew. I've had the pattern and fabric for a couple of years, but just getting around to making it. I have so many projects I'd like to accomplish and just not enough time.

Many blessings to you and your lovely family!

Melissa said...

Jenny your grandchildren are beautiful!
My current projects are: a quilt for my grandson, for when he graduates from his toddler bed to a big boy bed; also working on your Heart of Psalms blocks (only a few more to do!); and the Virtuous Wife blocks, which I am totally loving! Also very much enjoying your Bible study that goes ain’t with them. While I stitch I think on your thoughts about that part of scripture.
Thank you for all you do for us!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

The Joshua stitchery would also be pretty in red, aqua and yellow. I might have to stitch one up for my daughter-in-law.

Susan said...

I loved seeing the children's picture updates. I'm not at all surprised by the good reports of the girls' behavior. Charlie is just the cutest child, so serious looking. I do like the red, green and brown color palette. Also the new design for the sewing pouch, too. I'm sewing multiple things, as I always do. Maybe I'm to ADHD to stick to only one project! I don't think I've ever made anything I didn't like. I don't know exactly what that says about me! LOL

I've been studying the Sermon on the Mount this week, and realizing so many things that I'd missed in past studies. I think that's one of the great advantages to studying through the scriptures over and over. There's always more to understand as we mature a bit more.

Love you, Miss Jennifer, and hope that you are resting right where you belong, too.

Lin said...

What a smart young man! Lovely to see pictures of the children. Nice fabric selection for your Gossip, such a great design. Lots of lovely things happening Jennifer. xx

Allie said...

Such gorgeous grandies!!!! Give them all hugs from Aunt Allie! And especially Blossom - bless her!
Love the stitchery, kits, and new quilt. The fabrics are lovely!!!!!
Praying for you all, love you!

Julie said...

Oh Jennifer - those grandchildren are delighful!!! 💙 How they have all grown - I have been "here" since Blossom was just young & living at Home. My Alec likes to wear a buttoned up shirt too - so sweet. Your kits are gorgeous Jen xx

Ondrea said...

Oh my! How did Charlie get so big? So glad both girls love school. They are all very photogenic. Your sweet kits are a great idea. They will sell fast.

FlourishingPalms said...

It's delightful to see your beautiful grandchildren, Jenny! They are just precious. And knowing they're kind, polite, respectful - well-dressed! - and love Jesus, makes them even more loveable. You are very blessed. It's also lovely to see that you're continuing to design and create lovelies that reflect our good Lord. You are a shining light for many, and I'm glad I know you.

Mary-Louise said...

What gorgeous children, they brought a big smile to my face!! Lovely sewing pouch!! Thank you💖