Sunday, April 30, 2023

Virtuous Wife block 8 and an update...

Many of us are quilters so I thought a clothesline full of warm quilts would be a lovely theme for this month's stitchery block in The Virtuous Wife quilt project. This block is number eight, so we are now halfway through the making of our quilt! I was hoping to stitch all my blocks together last week but I have tendonitis in my right forearm and need to rest it from all sewing until it heals (can you imagine my sad face?) so I suppose reading books will become a temporary pastime.

Anyhow, let us have a look at verse 21, shall we?

She is not afraid…

Isn’t that beautiful?

What I take from this is our Proverbs 31 woman’s complete confidence in God, and in her faithful undertakings each day to use the skills she has acquired over a lifetime, the common sense and wisdom imparted to her by the women mentors who have been by her side as examples since childhood, and her vision of looking forward to provide what is needed in every season. She has no fear of not being able to provide clothing or warmth for her family in the winter because she prepares in advance.

In many bibles this verse reads “…clothed in scarlet”, whilst other translations (including a Jewish translation) give us the verse as reading “…doubly clothed”, which makes far more sense when you consider the full verse.

“She is not afraid of snow, because her household are doubly clothed.” Proverbs 31:21

I chose to use ‘doubly clothed’ in my stitchery, but have included both versions on your pattern sheets.

This small verse poses the question to all homemakers – are you prepared? Are you looking ahead and using your God-gifted wisdom to prepare for the different seasons of life which you and your household may face in the future? This won’t just be winter or summer preparation, but seasons of adversity,  illness, loneliness, poverty and other trials. Are we so prepared that, like this woman, we are not afraid? I hope so. But if not, we should assess our lives as they are today, and then take time to plan for what we are able to do tomorrow, next month or next year to ensure our families have what they need in times of trouble or trial.

Look at Proverbs 6:6-8…

Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider its ways and be wise!
 It has no commander,
no overseer or ruler,
yet it stores its provisions in summer and gathers its food at harvest.

During May let us pray and listen for the Holy Spirit’s leading, then plan for, and put into practice, everything we can to become homemakers who are not afraid, but filled with wisdom, enthusiasm, and a ‘roll up our sleeves’ attitude, that we may bless our families and bless the Lord. 

Download the pattern using the link below..

DOWNLOAD Block Eight

If you've missed any of the previous blocks they are all HERE

Thank you for all the prayers and kind thoughts offered over my husband's fall. It turns out he broke his ankle, though this was not discovered until five days after his fall due to public holidays and not being able to see his doctor any earlier for the X-ray results.

At the moment he is waiting for an appointment at the Fracture Clinic to have his ankle set and a walking boot fitted. Locally we call it a 'moonboot'. If you do not know what that is here's a picture...

His appointment is on Wednesday, thirteen days after the fall. Up till now he's had his ankle strapped and was getting around with a walking stick until dear Rosie heard and loaned him some excellent crutches to use. He is on light duties at work, which he finds far better for his mental health than sitting at home unable to do all his beloved garden chores and plant more trees. We do appreciate your prayers for a swift recovery. xxx

I have taken some photos of the garden with all it's changes and new plantings, so will share them later this coming week. I think I hurt my tendon from the extra garden chores (and an obsession with stitching lots of needle-turn applique blocks) but they needed to be done and it will all be worth it once the seedlings begin to bloom and fruit. I'm rather excited about what it will all look like four or five weeks from now!

That's it for today...bless you all. 

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Joanne said...

Hi Jennifer,
Your clothesline full of quilts looks great for the coming Summer months here :)
May begins tomorrow ! Seems like a day passes in a blink of an eye ;)
Hope all goes well Wednesday for Mr. E. I'm glad we live in an era where painkillers are available.
Looking forward to seeing how your garden grows and blooms :)
hugs, take care,

Lin said...

Oh dear, what a time to have to wait for it to be set! and such a shame that it is broken. So sorry to hear that and sending more love and prayer. xx

Mrs. White said...

I hope and pray you both heal quickly and are better very soon. I appreciate all the encouraging wisdom about homemaking. God bless you!

Sarah said...

I hope your arm heals quickly! I’m suffering with tennis elbow at the moment and unable to do much either … a good book and curling up under my throw rug sounds like bliss ๐Ÿฅฐ

Anonymous said...

Prayers for you both .

Mary-Louise Parker said...

I am so sorry to hear of your husband broken ankle, praying it heals well. Rest well! Jennifer take it easy, I am so enjoying a new book. The last Supper on the Moon! By Levi Lusko. X

Mydearduane said...

Your work is BEAUTIFUL..I have tried but usually ends up a bit off...blessings on you and your husband as you struggle to make things work with his inconvenient mishap ๐Ÿ˜ฅgetting older is wonderful..but the journey a bit more complicated ♥️♥️๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

Kim said...

Another beautiful block (I do love those quilts) and more challenging words to spur us on to good works. Thank you again.

Linda Badurek said...

Dear Jennifer
I love your sweet clothesline of quilts. May you be doubly warm this coming winter there! Looking forward to stitching this block. Trusting in prayer that your arm heals quickly!

Tammy said...

Dearest Jennifer ,
Oh no Mr. E has a broken ankle goodness. I pray they can fit him in ASAP. So he can get that ankle set and healed and he can get back to doing the things he needs and wants to do. And so that you get your helper back. I do most all the gardening here except husband has to till it up for me first. He wasn't raised in the country nor on a farm. He has no clue how to grow anything at all. He think you just throw dirt on it and it magically grows. That's why he gets to mow the grass instead and take care of the lawn debris. LOl and I get to do all the gardening and harvesting. Thank you for the beautiful block #8. Prayers continue for Mr. E And for you Dear friend.

Lorraine W said...

Dear Jennifer,
I do hope your husband is on the mend. It must have been very painful to wait so long for treatment.
I’ve just rediscovered your beautiful blog. You are a wise and sharing lady and just looking at the beauty and wisdom in your posts calms my soul. Thankyou.
I saw your glorious tea towels and was wondering do you line them with another tea towel? I know if I attempt the embroidery on them that it would not be neat enough at the back to gift.
Thankyou for all the beauty you bring into our worl.
Best wishes, Lorraine xxx

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Hello Lorraine :-)
No, I do not line the tea towels.
Bless you and thank you for the kind words.

Linnie said...