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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

How to frame tiny stitcheries...


Yesterday I showed you my very sweet little poinsettia posy, just 1¼” x 1½” in size...

Such a pretty little posy deserved a special frame for it's permanent display, and I had two that seemed worthy of the honour. But which one to choose?

The delicate metal rose frame has been sitting in my supplies cupboard for about 5 years waiting for employment so once I checked the stitchery would fit easily inside the aperture I packed the square frame away for another day.

Because the rose frame is oval it required a different framing technique to THIS one I shared earlier in the year. If you have a round or oval frame and would like to frame an embroidery inside it my short tutorial may help.

First, trim your completed stitchery block slightly larger than the outer edge of your frame. This doesn't need to be perfect but as close to the right shape as you can manage...

Fuse a piece of Pellon behind the stitchery. You can accurately trace the size and shape of the Pellon from laying the frame over the Pellon and tracing along the aperture edge. After you have cut out the shape from the Pellon centre it behind the stitchery and fuse in place (from the front of the stitchery)  with a warn dry iron. Press down gently on the stitchery and avoid moving the iron back and forth.
Do NOT iron the Pellon...

Lay the backing board over the template plastic and trace the shape with a fine tipped permanent marker. 
If you don't have template plastic use a piece of cardboard or a piece cut from an old x-ray. 
Make sure the plastic fits inside the frame with a tiny bit of space to move as you'll be adding more width when you wrap the stitchery around it...

Thread your needle with strong thread, such as a Perle #12...

Hand sew a line of running stitch ¼” inside the edge of the fabric...

Finish the line of running stitch just beyond your starting point so that the beginning and the tail of the threads 'cross' each other...

Lay the template plastic over the centre back of the stitchery and gently pull the two ends of the thread to gather the stitchery around the plastic...

Tie off with a double knot and trim the excess thread away...

Place the stitchery inside the frame...

...and replace the backing board.


To create this little posy just download my free Holiday Hostess Poinsettia Tree  block HERE in my shop. Trace a few of the poinsettias in a round, add a few more Colonial Knots and you have something rather sweet, and a perfectly pretty and quick gift for Christmas!



  1. Your little posy is so sweet, Jenny, It looks lovely in that little frame. Thanks for sharing the pattern with us.

  2. Thanks for the tutorial, Jenny, a very sweet finish.

  3. Perfeito, lindo, como tudo que fazes!

  4. Perfeito, lindo, como tudo que fazes!

  5. Very nice. Thank you for the helpful instructions.

  6. I know I have said this before...love it Jen

  7. Thank you for your well documented tutorial.
    The tiny design is delightful!!

  8. Perfeito...Amei ...beijos e até breve

  9. What a sweet journey you have taken us on with your posy and frame tutorial. Such fun! Bless you for your generosity and kindness to all of us in the stitching world. Big hugs from Northern Michigan, USA

  10. That frame really suits it Jenny. Lovely!

  11. That is so perfectly perfect! I love the way it looks and it would be so darling anywhere it was placed!

  12. You really write wonderful tutorials hon, and of course about the most darling things! Love this!


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