Saturday, June 9, 2012

Going back home...

It's a long weekend here in Queensland to celebrate the Queen's birthday, so we have three whole days to relax! Instead of our usual ride with the Ulysses Club this weekend, Mr E took me for a ride today - 'back home' to Charters Towers so I could visit Kezzie and the boys.
We picked a great day to visit as it is also the Annual Restorers Swap Meet this weekend, and after visiting our son Sam at his work, we took some time out to watch the old cars parade up the main street of town...
Next stop was over at Kezzie's house, which used to be ours until we moved away in January. I always get a bit emotional in the old house because it was the very first house we'd ever lived in where I felt at home - like I could live there forever.
Kezzie bought the boys two baby chicks a while back, with the plan that they'd enjoy fresh eggs each morning once they'd grown into hens. Mmmm...didn't exactly work to plan, though. Both of them are roosters!
Mr E tried to strike up a friendship with them by pretending he was a rooster too...
They came-a-running fast when Kezzie brought out their grain...
Both our grandsons were excited to see us. Deegan has grown so much! My little boy is losing his baby features and becoming such a handsome young man...
Kezzie took this photo of Calab and I just as Mr E and I were putting our bike gear back on for the ride home. I love it, and will be framing it! Thank you Kezzie darling!!
I missed them all as soon as we rode out the driveway, so it won't be long before we come back. Actually, if it be in the Lord's will, we wouldn't mind moving back one day.
Once home, our Sophie settled herself next to her favourite person...
Tomorrow I might take things easy and stitch a bit. I have these two patterns to choose from...
...a really cute cross-stitch of a girl named Rosey, and a pretty stitchery village of Rosalie Quinlan's.
Decisions, decisions....
Hope you have a wonderful weekend too, and -
"Happy Birthday your Majesty!!!"


  1. My hearts gone all gooey again Jenny! Lovely post. great photos of the boys.
    Hugs, Sue from Cyprus x x x

  2. That photo of you and Cal is so gorgeous!!..You know how we both think we look terrible in pics( haha) you cant think that of that pic..You look amazing mumma..Well you are amazing, but you have such a sunshine glow..ima frame that pic too!!Miss you already, and we didnt play Yahtzee!!!! you..xoxo

  3. I sure do understand your feelings about going back home, and seeing your grandies again! Yours are so precious, as are mine. It's tough being a long-distance grandmother, isn't it? Makes me sad just to think about it. I hope you make it back to Charters Towers again real soon. Bless you all.

  4. Congratulations with YOUR Majesty and what a nice trip this was, I do understand that there were emotions for the house, but I think you would not like to miss MR.E. again for a long time, so the choice is easy!
    Enjoy your long weekend, hugs

  5. Lovely Post Jenny...Glad you got the chance to visit the little ones again...
    enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  6. Such a great day darl.....and lovely to spend it with those you love so much! Charlies Trousers certainly has fun times doesn't shows, festivals galore...can see why you miss it so! As long as you're close to moi! hehe.....have you picked yet??? cross stitch...sitchery??? sooo hard!!!! xoxoxo enjoy the rest of the weekend sweety
    sugary hugs
    Wend :O)

  7. What a lovely way to spend a day!

  8. It is just so nice to spend time with the family... The time always passes to quickly. I see you also like to play games with your kids..

  9. Love the old cars!! So glad you got to enjoy a gorgeous weekend with your grandbabies, although they are growing SO fast. How nice that Kezzie has your old house, I love that house. The boys are so handsome, and I do love that pic of you and Cal! Enjoy your stitching sweetheart!

  10. Must be strange to go back to your old place - Id go for the patchwork village myself - I am dying to do it!

  11. Wonderful grandsons! I'm looking forward to seeing some of my grands very soon, too! I love that photo of you and Calab. What a lovely weekend for you.

  12. Lovely photos Jenny, looks like you had a lovely time!

    I have blogged about your lovely picture that you sent me, I hope you got my thankyou email.
    The stitched picture is just lovely.

    Thanks again!

    Lynn B

  13. Looks as though you have had a very busy weekend.

  14. So glad you had a wonderful time with your family. Grand kiddo's are just too cute and that photo of you with Cal is priceless.
    Sophie kitty sure has grown into a lovely kitty.

  15. Weekends away and visiting family - what a lovely way to spend a day or two --- Noice photo of you and the boy

  16. I would love more bank holidays for me to take a break from office and home removals once in a while! And visiting a vintage car mart seems like a perfect way to spend it too!


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