Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Stitching through the flu...

Sweet Blossom has been down with a nasty flu virus for the last week - aching all over and a nose that won't stop running. Now it's spread to her chest and she's wracked with coughing spasms as well.
Thankfully she has a wonderful doctor, but this virus still needs to run its course so she's sleeping lots, watching all her favourite British television shows (currently re-watching season 3 of Downton Abbey), drinking copious amounts of tea and juice, and doing a cross-stitch.
She bought this cross-stitch design on our crazy hat day a few weeks back, but didn't realise at the time just how fortuitous that purchase would be - I think it has kept her sane through her illness and the weekend's cyclone arrival...

It's by one of our favourite Australian cross-stitch designers, Olga Gostin, who created a series with old Australian homes as the theme. I am working on my second in the series, and this is Blossom's first...

She's doing beautifully...

If you have a spare prayer or two, would you pray for her recovery, please? xx

For my own part I've had migraine to contend with, and though I always manage to cope quite well after 42 years of practice, this latest one knocked the wind out of me - but post cyclone migraines tend to do that until the weather system has settled again. I'm feeling a lot better today, though there is a dull ache still lingering that I pray will depart very soon.

I'm working on a new Christmas design for Australia's Patchwork & Stitching magazine at the moment. Yes, it's quite early for Christmas stitching, but magazines are planned so far in advance that I need it to arrive on the editor's desk in a few weeks from now. 

I'm loving this new pattern so much that I think I may design a whole Christmas series based on it...


I also have a fresh length of quilt binding ready and waiting to be stitched around my completed Shabby Roses Home BOM quilt!

I finished the piecing of the quilt top a few weeks back, and then sent it off to my talented friend Dawn Hay to be professionally quilted....

I love it!
Dawn did a brilliant job quilting my 'baby'...

But I can't show you any more than those few peeks because the final block won't be shared until Easter Monday, April 21st, when I'll also have my big reveal of the full quilt.
I'm so excited to show you, but first of all I'd better go stitch that binding on and take it off somewhere for a sweet photo shoot!

Don't forget that Blocks 17 & 18 are still a free download HERE in my shop until April 20th.

If you are in Australia and have a UFO quilt top that you need/want to have quilted beautifully, email Dawn. She does beautiful work, has a quick turn-around, and wait for it - she only charges $50 for any quilt top up to 80" square!
Go HERE to find out more.
Dawn has quilted four of my quilt tops and each one comes back more beautiful than the last.


Enjoy your day, 
I'm off to cook something soothing for my girl,


  1. Sending get well wishes to you both xoxo Can't wait to see your little home quilt all finished.....I have almost finished the stitching but have been a little slack with the assembling so hope to get some done this weekend. I have loved following this BOM....thankyou :) And thanks for the info about Dawn. Take care xx

  2. Hope you both feel well soon!

  3. Beautiful projects Jenny~ Sorry to hear your Autumn has started with the terrible flu virus..... Get well soon! Does Blossom not use a hoop for her cross stitch? I'm sure she'd find it much easier :)

    1. Hi Sue, yes she normally does, but as we don't use hoops for regular embroidery we had none on hand - or anywhere we could find. ;-)
      She has one now. It's actually the original hoop I bought for cross stitch about 30 years ago...it was discovered after a long hunt late yesterday. \o/

  4. thoughts and prayers are with you for speedy recoveries from both the flu and migraine! Your projects are beautiful!

  5. Prayers for Blossom to feel better soon. So sorry you are experiencing such a bad migrane. :(
    That Christmas stitching looks lovely!

  6. Too bad I don't live in OZ, as I definitely have a couple of tops I need quilted! I'm so sorry Blossom is sick. Sounds like a really nasty flu. I love the houses. I don't do cross stitch for a number of reasons - vision being a big one. I'm anxious to see the reveal of the whole Shabby Home quilt, and excited by the Christmas quilt possibilities. I'll probably have to figure out a way to get the magazine for this first one.

  7. Hoping both of you are back to tip-top shape in no time! Loving your sneak peeks!!

  8. Lots of love and prayers to you both Jenny and Blossom. Love the fabrics you are using for the Christmas project and the pictures of your BOM quilt are very tantalising. xx

  9. Wish I could pop over with dinner! However, I am many miles away. Get well

  10. Hope you are both feeling better. The cross stitch is lovely.

  11. I hope you both feel better soon. Lovely sneak peeks. Take care, Jenny. Hugs, Christine xx

  12. Looking good Bloss! Hope you are soon well. Need to come for a coffee soon Jen, would love a sneak peek at the new Christmas stitching. Is it for my birthday? LOL!

  13. Hope you both feel better soon. Nice progress on your stitching Blossom.I don't use a hoop for my cross stitch either, never have a problem with the tension. I will use a scroll frame on larger projects.

    Cute fabrics for the Christmas project.

  14. Jenny your so sweet...truly it was such a pleasure to quilt. ..your stitching is gorgeous and design absolutely beautiful. ..love ya beautiful x x x

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  18. Me wants it precious... Me wants the Xmas pattern when it comes out... Me is very excited and can't live without it!!!! Xxxxxx


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