Thursday, September 29, 2016


Just like the steps I must take when creating a new design, life is also a rhythm of processes.

We plan, we pray (well, I do), assess suitability, we gather what we need (advice, finance, supplies, or workers for example) and then we begin bringing the idea to life. 

Over time a larger picture begins to form and we can see with increased clarity the wisdom of our original hope or desire, and whether we should keep pushing forward or let it all go.

Starting over is sometimes an option if the idea has merit but needs to be taken down a slightly different path.

I've tossed aside a partially completed design because it's not what my heart or head imagined it should be. In fact, I did that this week. Sure, I could have pushed forward because I'd spent a few hours embroidering the design already, but my heart got heavier the longer I stitched.

I put it aside overnight, in case I was too tired and may find myself re-inspired with the arrival of dawn the next day. I wanted to throw the entire design in the bin before my eyes shut for the night, but life experience has taught me to walk away and rest first.

Again, that's like life. 
We can get too close to a situation and our 'vision' becomes blurred with all the problems we could face, or the time and energy our plan requires to follow through to completion. If we have a lot of stress it's easy to focus on negatives and allow them to become larger than life. If what we're trying to achieve has hit a road block we usually go one of two ways - push forward regardless because we've given too much of ourselves getting this far; or dump everything and walk away dis-heartened or perhaps relieved.

Next morning I did toss my original piece in the bin because I disliked it even more than the night before.
I cut it up. because for me this is the best thing to do if I truly can't stand what I'm working on as it frees me to start over with something new.

Only this time I didn't draw something new.
I simply took it in a new direction from a mess of variegated purple and green threads which I grew to abhor, to a gentler picture that grew from tiny applique shapes and solid pastel threads which I immediately loved.

I just had to look with fresh eyes.
The idea was right, the original execution was not.
The first version in purple and green thread was not me.

This pastel applique version is.

Maybe you've had a plan that simply hasn't come together the way you'd hoped.
Maybe you wanted to throw it out and not look back (and maybe it needed to be thrown out).

But, just in case, let me ask you something.

What if your plan has good bones? What if it just needs a fresh appraisal and taken in a slightly different direction?
Is there a glimmer of hope left which you can garner and proceed forth with?
Is there a glimmer of delight within you at the thought of taking your plan upon new waters?

Changing a design is a lot easier than changing a life course, but I have had to change my life course at times too.

I think you get the picture?

(pattern available here through the stitchery club)

Be brave.
Whether this means tossing that plan to the wind or giving it a loving makeover, hold your head high and follow the right path with confidence.
You're much wiser than you thought, sweet gal.



Petal49 said...

I love how the design turned out and thanks for your wonderful thoughts which are very helpful.

Guida said...

The design is just perfect and your way of looking at things that just aren't working out is even better, thank you for taking the time to share such wonderful advise. Guida

Diane Garton said...

I felt challenged through your words of wisdom today Jenny. So thank you and once again I give thanks for the way you so freely share your beautiful talent with us. Also, the way you cherish and nurture your sweet family is awesome to see and a wonderful example for others. You are also wiser and more effective than you can know and may He continue to heal you and bless the work of your hands.

Christina said...

You have such insightful posts. Thank you for always giving me something to think about and pray on. You new design is great.

JES said...

So many life lessons in each and every stitch! I love how it turned out :)

Catherine said...

Lovely words to ponder and apply to life. Thank you.

Donna said...

Hi Jenny, Words of wisdom for sure. Beautiful work. As I looked at your finished piece, I could visualize a base for that circle that would convert it to a snow globe. I see my creative flow is returning. Love your ideas and your process. This is one blog I look forward to reading. Often it causes me to ponder. I'm in Ohio in the States. So, although there is so much distance between us, your blog is like a good friend and a hot cup of coffee! Have a lovely day.

Ɓgueda said...

You make it look easy, but there are many hours of work in your designs. You always give us the best of you :) Have a Good day.

Nanette said...

Jenny...your insight and wisdom really ministers to me. I have severe depression and anxiety, and I'm trying to use my needlework, sewing and quilting to help me rise above all of the pain. I know God hears me... I just have to wait on Him to bring favor on me and release me from the mental and physical pain I'm suffering right now. Your words are so important and also a great gift from God at this time. God bless you and your growing family....

Nan Edmonds
Temple, Texas

Debra said...

A beautiful design and pearls of wisdom as well! I so look forward to reading your blog, Jenny, we are truly kindred spirits.

Anonymous said...

What a great comparison, Jenny. Thank you. Reminds me of the parables of Jesus - tell it in a way people in the audience can understand. =) I love the design, and probably would have loved the one you cut up, too, but this one is very YOU, and you were aware of that. I've had to throw away almost everything in my life and start over a couple of times. It's hard, but we can do hard things with Christ. Fortunately, I don't often have to do that with stitching any more, and not in my life in a long time! But it's always good to know the option is there, and the atonement when I head the wrong way.

Ana Love Craft said...

Wonderful embroidery as usual! I love all details!
Have a fabulous weekend!
Hugs and love from Portugal,
Ana Love Craft

Unknown said...

Thanks for your process of change, no matter what it is. Sometimes it is hard to go through that process. It comes with uneasiness, but once the right decision is made, there is a peace that comes. I have found this happens to me every time.
In February I started playing with some crazy patch work and did a heart with added glass seed beading. I liked the original heart patch work, but started building out to make a throw pillow for my couch. In the process I just did not like the extra strip I added. I set it aside and took a good look at it much later and took out that strip and added a different strip until I achieved the look I wanted. That process took from February this year until lately. I have the block like I want now and will finish the pillow sometime this winter in time for Valentines 2017. I wish I could show you the pictures

Baa. xxx said...

Oh, I likey that very much. Whether it's Jesus or stitching - the peace is what matters.

Createology said...

We do have to give ourselves permission to change course or begin anew or whatever may be the case. Your design is sew sweet and I am glad you gave yourself permission to change it up. Thank you for sharing your wise words dear.

Allie-oops Designs said...

That is incredibly stunning, Jenny - the touches of red really make it pop. Glad you went with your heart! I'm doing that currently with my "balconies", after 2+ years of drawing, stitching, coloring, over and over again, I'm finally happy - all traced onto fabric and ready to stitch while mum recovers. Great post!