Monday, June 5, 2017

Labels, and progress on my quilt...

I've never been very good at adding a label to my quilts when I gift them. Mostly I forget or run out of time before the big day. 
What about you?

For some reason I had this on my mind a few weeks back and rather than let the thought escape I decided to sit down and sketch a label which would suit any handmade gift.

I chain stitched the cotton reel outline before adding a line of running stitch along the inside edge.

You'll find running stitch on most of my stitcheries because that quick addition of dashed threads sitting inside or outside of a main section of design gives it more body, helping it to stand out more. 

I've used two strands of thread for the cotton reel, flowers and leaves, but just a single strand for the wording.

This is because the words look more like hand written script with a single strand, but you do need to keep your stitches small.

As a label you could stitch the recipient's name as well. 
For example  - "To ????..." above the spool, and "From ????..." under the spool.

Write the names onto the pattern sheet and trace from that, or choose a nice font from your computer and print it up to trace.

Of course, it can be more than a label. What about a lovely cover for a needle book or embroidered on a pincushion?

This pattern will be inside the June issue of The Stitchery Club which is emailed to all subscribers on the 17th of the month.

There's still time to join this month (plus you'll receive the February 2016 issue as a bonus gift!).

Last week you saw the two quilt patterns I intend making this year. 

Well, on Friday I made a start on the smaller quilt and by mid afternoon today (Monday) I'd pieced the entire quilt and finished the applique!

Friday afternoon I had all the fabrics chosen and cut. Most of them were Tilda scraps so that part was easy, but finding ten neutral low volume prints was not.
In fact, I searched my fabric shelves for a variety to choose from and could only find ten so had no choice but to use them and hope they worked. 

Fortunately they did.

Saturday afternoon was spent piecing four log cabin blocks before sewing them together as one larger block for the quilt background.

On Sunday afternoon I traced the applique shapes onto Vliesofix, chose fabrics for the various shapes, and then fused everything in position.

I ummed and aahed about whether to use a number of different threads to blend with the applique fabrics or one single colour to stitch around all the shapes.

Eventually, after a few cups of chamomile tea and some early dinner preparation, my decision was made and I chose a brown thread for the blanket stitch applique and red thread to backstitch the wording.

I fused Whisperweft behind the quilt top before beginning the hand applique for two reasons. 

Firstly to add stability as I stitched, and secondly because it drapes like fabric and won't hinder the final feel of  the finished wall quilt. I like any quilt, even the small ones, to be soft and flowing.

On Sunday night after dinner I began the hand applique, finishing the tree, leaves and apples by bedtime. 

This morning I wasn't feeling very well and couldn't do much around home or in the office so decided to relax with a movie and finish the front of the quilt...

I rather like it.

It's been lovely to step away from my own designs and play with someone else's.

I've not decided yet whether I'll hand or machine quilt this project so I'll let it hang in the sewing room for a few days while I catch up on other things. Hopefully as I walk past ideas might spark in my head.

For those who wanted to know, this pattern is by Laurel Arestad of "Simply Put Plus" and was inside the Spring 2017 issue of Simply Vintage magazine.

The pattern is also HERE on Laural's website

I'm feeling much better tonight but Mr E insisted on getting dinner so I have bowed to his judgement and shall enjoy a relaxed evening with some knitting and the next episode of Masterchef Australia. 

Tomorrow's another day.

May your week be wonderful in every way!



Suze said...

Ilove your work and it is beautiful thing you have created.

I hope you feel much better soon. God bless and keep you.

Sandy said...

Loving the quilt and the colors you've chosen...feel better soon!

Sherri said...

Loving your quilt and the colors you've chosen. It sounds so cozy to settle in to work on the quilt while watching a movie. looking forward to the finished product.

Brenda said...

Hello Jenny! I am in love with your label! Your ability to create a design is so amazing each and every time. The quilt you are working on is also fabulous! I am so glad to hear that you really enjoyed this project. Thank you for sharing and I hope you have a great day!

Sorry, I have not been visiting your blog much in the last few months! My Mother and Father have both been having moderate to severe health problems that have required so much of my time, time though I have gladly given. I just wanted you to know. I do apologize for not letting you know earlier. Your prayers are appreciated my Christian friend. Have a great day.

Sherry said...

I love the label you designed and I am looking forward to the June stitchery designs. I love the quilt you are making, I have not had much time for creative projects but love to see what others are doing.

Lin said...

Hope you are feeling better Jenny. I love your mini quilt. Hand quilting, definitely!xx

Goretti Martins said...

Dearest Jenny,
I found your blog a little while back and am so moved, every single time, by your handiwork and by your unabashed thankfulness to God for your skills. I am far away from you (here in Canada) but I feel like I'm sitting with you when I read your blog. I work full time but have been off for a month now due to some major surgery. I've been a stitcher for a long time (sewing, embroidery, knitting and quilting) but put much of this aside as I was raising my children. They have all left the nest now and I'm back to trying to find snippets of time to work with my hands. It's just so good for the soul, isn't it? Anyway, I'm rambling but I wanted to send a note to tell you you are such a bright light for me. It's a pleasure and a blessing to have found you.

Jacqueline said...

You are fast, fast, fast. Love your work and hope you are feeling 100%.

Julie said...

That is sooooo stunningly beautiful Jenny. I adore the colours & fabrics you have chosen. I get the Simply Vintage on order from my local bookstore, but have not had that spring issue as yet, so I shall look forward to it. I had thought of perhaps cancelling my order, but you have inspired me to keep it going. They are just lovely magazines even just for a "cuppa & a browse". Have a lovely (creative) week my friend - hope you are feeling much improved now xxx

Winifred said...

That's so lovely. I do like the roses on your label too.

Hope you're feeling better soon. Take care.

Susie said...

That's a beautiful label. For the last couple of years I have labelled my quilts and you have reminded me to go back over my stitchery patterns you have sent to make one for my girls' quilts from years back before I started to label. I even have a pinterest board for quilt labels. Take care of yourself. Hope you're on the mend. That mini quilt is simply stunning.

Ondrea said...

You certainly didn't waste any time putting that little quilt together. It is beautiful. Love your quilt label and your suggestions. Hope you are feeling heaps better. Glad you took the time to rest and stitch.

Qltr89 said...

I really like the spool label. Thank you for the idea. I will have to try it next time I have to label a quilt. I wanted to share with you that last April I made a dog quilt for a rescue dog named Grandma. I backstitched the outline of a dog on a piece of fabric and also backstitched the dog's name on it. I had never embroidered a label before. Now all I want to do is make unique labels like that. The last one I made is a label for my grand daughter's quilt. It was the outline of a diaper backstitched and the two safety pins were backstitched and satin stitched. It was pretty cute. I wish I could show you the labels. I enjoy your work.

Baa. xxx said...

Family makes a house a home - so true Jenny! It is gorgeous! Love the colours you used.

Allie-oops Designs said...

Oh my that label is just precious!!!!! I usually forget to do a label, and end up writing something with a pigma pen on the back, lol. This is SO much better. Love your new "family" quilt. Was it hard backstitching the wording through the seams?

Unknown said...

Your work is just beautiful! Do you have any patterns that would work for either tea towels or pillowcases? I am looking for something that would be in a horizontal line, I guess. Thanks for sharing your work and tutorials. I am working on a pillowcase right now and the smaller the stitches, the better it looks. Such good advice!

Mercedes Pelegrí Perez said...


Anonymous said...

A lovely bit of stitching, Jenny. It's a great design and your fabrics (including all those pretty neutrals) look perfect in it. I'm so glad you had this enjoyable stitching time and got so far along on it! The June patterns are going to be blockbuster!

Createology said...

Very sweet stitching label for your quilt and also for sew many other projects. This Log Cabin Quilt Top wiith Appliqué and Embroidery is simply divine. I love your colors and fabric selections and to think you had them all in your stash. You are wise to heed your feelings and take care of yourself. Mr. E is always so loving and supportive...Bless him. June Stitchery Club will be another Spectacular Gift of your Sweet designs. Thank you dear...<3

Wendy said...

the label is lovely, what a sweet idea! i like your quilt too, that was really quickly put together!

Lace Faerie said...

Beautiful! And sweetly homey and welcoming! Get your rest and bow to your sweet hubby's desire to take care of dinner, always! ;-)

Suze said...

Jenny~ You have an angel. Cully May is adorable and her smile is infectious. I just got home last night. My 40 year old son and I took a 10 1/2 hour trip (one way) with his 4 year old daughter and his 11 year old son to visit his 37 year old sister, her husband, their 11 year old son and their 6 year old son. The older boys had "met" when they were two and hadn't seen each other since and that's the only time any of the others have seen each other than my daughter had seen her niece for a short time last July. The children were fantastic at bonding. It was the most welcome that I have ever felt in their home. My daughter and I had a good, healing talk and I came home in good spirits. She had asked me to make her a t-shirt quilt and I was reluctant to start on it, knowing her inclination to wanting things her way and not bending at all. I was concerned about not understanding her intentions. We sat down and looked at examples and discussed do's and don't's. I think I'm ready to at least start. One of my friends told me she is going to send me back periodically. She hasn't seen me and already hears the change in my voice - for the better. I want to start doing much, much more even with my health challenges. Your blog makes me want to embroider and quilt. Thank you!!!!

My now four year old granddaughter came to live with her dad 15 months ago. He had lived with me for just 4 months at that time. Since she has been here, she has not seen her mother or any of her maternal relatives. The phone calls are almost non-existent now. My son has full permanent custody of her. It's a challenge for me since I have a permanent disability. She makes the sun come up every morning for me. She has many challenges herself for a number of reasons I won't mention. My son and his daughter brought live into the house after my second husband died. We have his 11 year old son in the summer between school years. Jessica loves to try to "help" me with my crafting and I have to stop. We then read or do something in which she can participate. Thank you for an uplifting blog post.

Gloria said...

Just as lovely as you are Jenny! God's Blessings, gloria

Nina said...

So looking forward to the Stitchery Club designs soon! I know I saw in one of your instructions the type of pen you use for tracing. Can you share that again please? I bought a blue wash out pen, but it is SO chunky of a doesn't work! thanks!

Mercedes Pelegrí Perez said...

Hola de nuevo
Como ya te comente anteriormente me gusta mucho el cojin.
Hay forma de poder comprar el patron?
O puedo hacerlo con tu permiso?
Muchas gracias

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Thank you, Mercedes. The pattern is in my shop -